ASF+LU (英)

New feeder that greatly reduces working time by automating parts supply work in the SMT process

  • Automates the process of setting new tape parts, reduces approximately 60 seconds including pre-processing.(Current feeder ITF: approximately 90 seconds → Auto Setting Feeder ASF: approximately 30 seconds)
  • Realized automatic loading of next parts by optional Loading Unit
    (Eliminates splicing work, and saves its work time)
  • Dramatically eliminates the short time breakdown caused by tape supply part
  • Supports 8~104 mm width tape parts (Paper, Emboss)
  • New ASF + its new cart can be attached to the current Panasonic equipment (NPM series) = Retrofit policy

Features of Auto Setting Feeder

Supports 8~104 mm width tape parts (Paper, Emboss)


Skillless auto setting and auto loading

Auto Setting Feeder_取り付け方・外し方

How to attach and remove the Auto Setting Feeder

Easy installation by inserting the feeder to the depth, and easy removal by simply pulling the lever

Auto Setting Feeder_オートセット

Auto setting

Automatic tape peeling and loading is completed by simply inserting the pre-processed tape to the depth and pressing a button.

Auto Setting Feeder_オートロード

Auto loading

Optional loading unit (LU) automatically fills the next parts without splicing work


Pre-processing work is necessary to use the Auto Setting Feeder. To simplify the pre-processing work, we prepare specialized Jig.


Pre-processing (8mm protrusion)

Cover tape must protrude 8mm beyond the carrier tape tip.

ASF 自動ハーフカット治具

Automatic Half-Cut Jig

Just set the tape tip and twist the switch to complete the pre-processing.

ASF 手動ハーフカット治具

Manual Half-Cut Jig

Just set the tape tip in Jig and push it to remove the carrier tape.

Retrofit concept that realize "Automation" of existing Panasonic facilities without mechanical modifications


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