Panasonic Connect Sustainability Management

Through frontline innovation, we aim to realize sustainability management.

By reforming various frontline processes in the manufacturing, logistics and retail fields,
we aim to reduce CO2 emissions and make effective use of limited resources.

By improving the way of things work on the frontline, we aim to create workplaces
where people can thrive in good health and with peace of mind.

While fostering a highly diverse organizational culture and promoting co-creation
with customers and partners, we aim to realize a sustainable society and well-being for all.

Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow

Contributing to a Sustainable Future


The Panasonic Group will contribute to global carbon neutrality by creating impacts that reduce our own CO2 emissions and contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions of society.

Green impact

Promotion of Green Factories & Green Products

Panasonic Connect is implementing Green Factory measures at all of its global manufacturing sites with the aim of reducing its impact on the environment by continuously reducing CO2 emissions, waste, water usage, and chemical substance emissions. We also carry out environmental assessments on our products starting from the planning and design stages, and strive to develop Green Products with enhanced environmental performance.

Reducing waste & inefficiencies with Gemba Process Innovation

We aim to expand our contribution to the global environment through Gemba Process Innovation which acts to optimize business operations. First, we will reform our own in-house processes to thoroughly reduce waste and inefficiencies that impact the environment; then we will apply the knowledge and expertise gained through our own efforts to help improve our customers' sites, and work to effectively utilize limited resources and reduce CO2 emissions and waste through various solutions developed by co-creation with our customers.

Well-being for All

Transformation of corporate culture & diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Based on the idea that the sustainable improvement of corporate value can only be realized through the success of each employee, we aim to foster a strong and agile culture where each individual can demonstrate their skills and abilities by drawing from diverse perspectives, experiences, and values.

  • Promotion of health management to create secure work environments
  • Transformation of the workplace to enable flat and open communication
  • Elimination of paper-based approval processes and inward-looking tasks
  • Introduction of remote work system
  • Utilization of job-based human resources management
  • Increase ratio of women in management positions
  • Promotion of multi-culture to respect diversity across the organization
  • Promotion of paternity leave


Eruboshi certified
(women's advancement)

kurumin 2021

Kurumin certified
(childcare support)

Sustainability health yuryo 2022

 Health & Productivity Management Organizations certified

Great Place To Work

Great Place to Work certified*

* Acquired as the former Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.

Creation of safety, security, comfort, and engagement with Gemba Process Innovation

Furthermore, by broadening Panasonic Connect's Gemba Process Innovation through each of our business domains, we aim to optimize operations which in turn will reduce employee workloads and allow for the appropriate allocation of human resources, making work more efficient, not only for our own company, but also that of our customers. We will continue to work together with our customers to create safety, security, comfort, and engagement, ensuring well-being for individuals in order to contribute to the realization of a better society.

Promoting Governance to Accelerate Sustainability

Formulation and execution of management strategies and measures to further promote sustainability

Within Panasonic Connect, a Sustainability Management Committee and Sustainability Management Office has been established to further accelerate management practices. While incorporating the perspectives of outside advisors this committee aims to enhance corporate value by formulating and executing management strategies and measures to further promote sustainability.

Sustainability-Management Committee

Sustainability Activities