Contribution to green purchasing initiatives throughout the value chain

"Let's note" and "TOUGHBOOK "

Sustainability through the provision of services to customers
Mobile Solutions Business Division
Contribution to green purchasing


Public services, logistics, manufacturing, broadcasting, publishing, etc.

  • Work in physically harsh work environments such as public services and logistics; and hybrid and mobile work environments in companies that support society.

Realization of green purchasing

  • Purchase of environmentally and socially friendly products is encouraged.

Effective use of resources in the value chain

  • Stick to in-house production from development to manufacturing and promote consistent environmental conservation
  • From operation to disposal/recycling throughout the life cycle supporting customers' environmental conservation initiatives

Contributing to the effective use of limited resources through mobility

With our "Let's note" mobile PC and rugged "TOUGHBOOK" notebooks and tablets Panasonic Connect looks ahead to the future and we are actively working to contribute to sustainability throughout the value chain.


We are committed to contributing to environmental conservation by developing energy-saving products, products that reduce hazardous substances, and resource-saving packaging materials and attached paper manuals.


At our Kobe Plant, we are promoting reductions in waste generation, chemical substance discharge and transfer, energy and water consumption, etc. Our domestic bases that develop and produce PCs and tablets have acquired ISO14001 certification, realizing an environmentally friendly production system.


Through the combination of PCs, tablets, and various services, we provide total support from introduction support to operation, response in the event of failure, and disposal / recycling, realizing a free work style for everyone. In addition, based on the Act on Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources, we collect and recycle used PCs and tablets. In addition to manufacturing and selling PCs and tablets, we collect used PCs and tablets and promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Other examples


Reducing environmental impact by improving transportation efficiency


Inflight entertainment solution that helps reduce aircraft fuel consumption


Optimization of manufacturing sites


Improving the working environment of store staff

Reducing the workload forimmersive experiences

Reducing the workload forimmersive experiences