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Broadcast & Professional Video

Broadcast and Professional AV

HD Visual Communications System

HD Visual Communications System

Wireless Microphone  Systems

Wireless Microphone Systems

Toughbook - PC and Mobile


Welding Machine

Welding Machines

Factory Automation

Factory Automation


In-Flight Entertainment and Communication Systems


Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder - Realization of the Autonomous Supply Chain™ with Blue Yonder

Combining Panasonic Connect's strength in industrial engineering with Blue Yonder's AI/ML-driven supply chain solutions platform, we aim to help customers to drive more automation and actionable, real-time business insights at a time when supply chain operations are becoming ever more complex.

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Zetes - Supply Chain Solutions with Goods Identification and People Identification

Our Supply Chain Solutions help companies achieve agility, visibility and traceability across their connected supply chain. Our People Identification division provides public authorities and supranational institutions with solutions to enable authentication of citizens in view of the issuing of secure ID and travel documents and the creation of national registers or voters' lists.

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