Optimization of manufacturing sites

"Autonomous Factory" Process Automation Business Division

Sustainability through the provision of services to customers
Process Automation Business Division
Edge devices with environmentally friendly design



  • Global customers for Mounting and Welding machines

Optimization of variables

  • Site information 5M (human, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement) is not utilized, resulting in energy loss and waste

Aiming to realize Autonomous Factories and specialize in edge devices

  • Factory optimization that makes what is needed, when it is needed, and in the required amount
  • Development of edge devices with environmentally friendly design as a starting point for realization

Aiming for a sustainable factories together with customers

This division combines the knowledge and skills cultivated over our long history in the manufacturing industry with technology to optimize manufacturing sites, and autonomously control 5M (human, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement), which is a variable element of production sites. We propose an "Autonomous Factory" that can respond quickly to customer requests and changes in supply.

We improve the efficiency of production sites by making frequently performed human tasks that were done via decisions based on experience and intuition “intelligent” and “automated”. We also make full use of 5M information to formulate optimal production plans without waste and realize manufacturing according to plan.

Environmentally friendly designed products

By promoting the specialization of edge devices, which are the starting point for realization, we support the production of good products in sophisticated and precise processes with the industry's highest level of performance. Our products are environmentally friendly, and Save: Reduction of CO2 emissions by saving energy during product use and standby; Clean: Restriction of the use of chemical substances that harm the human body and ecosystem; 3R: We are promoting environmental measures by improving the mass ratio of recyclable materials, reducing, and reusing. By optimizing factories, we will continue to enable customers to make only what is needed, when it is needed, in the required amount; thus aiming to realize manufacturing with a low environmental impact.

Other examples


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Reducing the workload forimmersive experiences