Creating Connections

Well-being in our workplaces

Turning traditional assemblies into a place to bring management and employees closer together

All Hands Meetings

Once a quarter, a company-wide briefing called the All Hands Meeting is held, and approximately 12,000 people participate in real-time viewing. CEO Higuchi travels to a different base each time, removes the lectern to shorten the sense of distance between himself and employees, and sends out a message in his own words. It consists not only of management overview, but also of messages from the CEO, introductions of host bases, roundtable discussions with base members, Q&A sessions, etc., and about 5,000 questionnaires are conducted each time after the event. We analyze the voices of these employees, discuss them at the Management Committee, and link them to improvement actions.

Number of employee survey responses (average)





Delivering management's current thoughts to employees in real time

Convey CEO’s thoughts via live streaming program

"Ch.Yasu", which started in 2022, is a 30-min live streaming program for that is held twice a month, with 500 - 1,000 people watching each time. CEO Higuchi himself acts as a moderator and talks about business and culture with guests from inside and outside the company, and from various perspectives, conveying his current thoughts to employees. Furthermore, by being exposed to the stories of a variety of outside guests who lead the forefront of business, we are able to broaden the perspectives of employees and raise their perspectives.

* Times with permission from guests are available on our YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/@PanasonicConnect

Live streaming program "Ch.Yasu"

Internal communication that makes full use of internal social media

Two-way internal communication that makes full use of the internal social media Yammer is also popular. CEO Higuchi and other management have set up accounts for direct communication, communicate the values, visions, and measures of their respective businesses and functions, and communicate with employees through the comment section. Through this we have open, flat and lively exchanges of opinions on a daily basis.

Internal SNS Yammer

Increasing employee engagement with 1:1 meetings

1:1 implementation rate

Change from top-down to bottom-up dialogue

A "1:1 meeting" is a one-on-one dialogue between leadership and team members. Through bottom-up dialogue, we aim to maximize the results of work by encouraging each individual to act autonomously and grow. We recommend that employees and leaders at all levels, including the CEO, hold meetings for about 30 minutes at least once every two weeks in principle. Employees and their leaders communicate not only with work issues and goal progress, but also with a wide range of values and environments other than work, such as future careers, private issues, and work-life balance. When leaders understand their team members from multiple perspectives and have appropriate involvement, they not only stimulate communication, but also greatly contribute to improving employee engagement.

"Can I have a moment?" with anyone - Cross-1:1 support tool

In addition to the relationship between subordinates and superiors, we have introduced the cross-1:1 support tool "C-MATCH" as a mechanism that allows employees to easily talk to each other beyond the framework of organizations and operations. Employees who can accept Cross 1:1,register their own profiles, such as affiliation, qualifications, skills, hobbies, work style, etc., and then Cross 1:1 applicants can search for profiles and ask employees who they want to interact with in 1:1s. You can apply for a 1:1 meeting regardless of whether you are a mentor or a mentee.

Numerical improvement of employee awareness surveys (EOS* score)

Numerical improvement of employee awareness surveys (EOS* score)

Certifications, Sponsors, and Endorsements

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Other examples

わたしたちの働く現場のウェルビーイング 心身共に健全に働くための環境作り

Creating an environment to work in a healthy mind and body

わたしたちの働く現場のウェルビーイング キャリアオーナーシップをもつ未来作り

Creating a future with career ownership