Creating an environment to work in a healthy mind and body

Well-being in our workplaces

For each and every one of us to play an active role

Respect for  Human  Rights

We are working seriously on the promotion of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion). At the core of this are "respect for human rights" and "improvement of corporate competitiveness." In order for each and every employee to work with determination, make use of their individuality, and demonstrate their abilities to the fullest, we will not overlook situations where individuals are not respected, regardless of the reason. We will take a firm stance on this issue as it is a human rights issue that cannot be compromised under any circumstance.

By increasing the number of employees with diverse perspectives, experiences, and values, and by having each individual respect each other and work with enthusiasm, we can create sustainable corporate value through the creation of innovation, improve the quality of decision-making, and realize our purpose. DEI is one of the pillars of our management strategy and is an important initiative for the survival of our company.

Efforts to eliminate the minority gap

Percentage offemale directors

Increase the ratio of women in decision-making positions

We will increase the ratio of female directors to 30% or more, which is a critical mass, and promote the diversification of decision-making layers. In addition, we support women's career development by conducting cross-mentoring and cross-industry training for various levels in collaboration with other companies.

Encouraging male employees to take childcare leave

In 2019, we endorsed Work-Life Balance Co., Ltd.'s "100% Declaration of Male Childcare Leave." Through activities such as the creation and distribution of a guidebook for male employees and roundtable discussions among male employees who have taken childcare leave, we have achieved a high level of not only an acquisition rate of about 90%, but also an average of about 26 days taken.

Toward a society where people in the LGBTQ+ community have equality

On April 1, 2016, Panasonic agreed that the interpretation of spouses in the operation of the personnel system is equivalent to that of a spouse in common-law marriage (including same-sex marriages), and has begun implementing a system. We invite people from outside the company to hold forums to promote understanding. Furthermore, we aim to realize a society where people in the LGBTQ+ community can live with peace of mind , by sponsoring various events, and participating in pride parades; and we submitted a statement to the G7 Hiroshima Summit in 2023 voicing our support for LGBTQ+ rights and equality.

Supporting autonomous career and life plan design

Personnel system reform to support changes in the business environment and diversification of individual career awareness

In addition to the remote work and smart work (discretionary work) systems that we already have in place, we have further introduced systems to support various work styles so that each individual can design a career plan and life plan more flexibly.

Employee Engagement

Systems to support diverse work styles

With the aim of improving employee engagement, motivation, and performance, we provide new ways of working and taking time off based on diverse needs. In addition to encouraging employees to take annual paid leave, we have introduced systems that allow employees to take long-term vacations at a timing of their choice, rather than setting them uniformly, such as all-season leave and challenge holidays. In addition, not only do we allow employees to work N days a week (3 or 4 days a week) and side jobs, but also work anywhere. Evolving from the conventional permit system, we have realized a highly flexible work style that allows employees to choose where they work. We support all employees to use the system as one of the options and to autonomously design their career and life plans.

Reduce internal bureaucratic work that does not lead to customer value and improve work productivity with AI assistants

Drastically reduce internal bureaucratic work processes and allocate resources to valuable activities

We take stock of ways of working that have been going on for a long time, and we thoroughly reduce such internal work processes that are not necessary when viewed from the customer's point of view. We are reviewing from scratch what does not lead to business results, such as the abolition of weekly reports, the reduction of stamping operations by about 80%, the introduction of electronic contracts, and the simplification of approval workflows, and allocate resources to activities that lead to customer value.

Usage satisfaction during the first 3 months

Introducing the AI assistant ConnectAI

In order to improve work productivity, ConnectAI, an AI assistant for employees, has been available to all employees in Japan from February 17, 2023 (about 13,400 people / as of April 2023). By utilizing AI not only for simple search and translation, but also for various tasks such as business advice, data analysis, writing and programming, which are atypical tasks, we reduce the workload of employees and maximize output. The number of times ConnectAI is used is on the rise, and many employees have decided that it can be used effectively in their daily work.

Efforts to promote DEI

Gathering voices from the workplace and connecting them to actions tailored to the workplace

Based on the belief that competitiveness can only come from a healthy culture where all people are respected, we will drive cultural change that recognizes each other and creates innovation by working to create a fair environment.

I am respected as an individual

DEI promotion

Since 2017, the executives in charge of DEI have been visiting all business sites to exchange real and candid opinions with employees. This is an important initiative to link the contents of the discussions held at diverse work sites to the next measures.

A company-wide initiative to update values with all employees

Led by the DEI Promotion Office, which was established in 2017, we conduct various activities to update our values by exposing and experiencing knowledge from inside and outside the company, such as DEI training and DEI Month.

Appoint DEI Champs to promote DEI adoption in each workplace

While setting tasks according to the characteristics of each workplace, DEI Champs play a central role in autonomously and individually working on issues at their own workplace.


Examples of actions realized from voices from the field

Improvement of working environment for people with disabilities project

Interviews with individuals/supervisors

Interviews with individuals/supervisors
  • About the employment situation and physical environment
  • Check problems and requests for improvement

Promotion of equipment improvement

  • Example: Universal design vending machine Installation of wheelchair parking lots, slope at entrance

Improving health literacy related to women's specific healthcare

Menstrual leave name & system change

  • Changed the name to "Tanpopo holiday (T holiday)" due to employee recruitment
  • Flexible system that can be taken for half a day or PMS cycle

DEI & healthcare support service "Cradle"

  • Real-time seminars twice a month
  • Provision of coupons that can be used at medical institutions / at home
  • Services that can be used by employees' families

Supporting autonomous life plan design and various family styles*

Subsidy for egg cryopreservation

  • Subsidy for egg freezing costs (egg collection and cryopreservation) of 400,000 yen
  • Partnered with egg freezing service "Grace Bank"

Support for the Famiee Project

  • Endorse the Famiee Project, an organization working on family matters
  • Support activities to change social systems and laws

* On April 1, 2016, the interpretation of spouses in the operation of the personnel system was stipulated as "equivalent to that of a spouse in common-law marriage (including same-sex couples)" and began operation.

Enhancing knowledge of nursing care and supporting continuation of balancing work and care

Managerial Awareness

Other examples

わたしたちの働く現場のウェルビーイング キャリアオーナーシップをもつ未来作り

Creating a future with career ownership

わたしたちの働く現場のウェルビーイング つながり作り

Creating Connections