Modular Placement Machine NPM-GH

Modular Placement Machine NPM-GH

Modular placement machine with industry-leading productivity and placement accuracy

  • Industry-leading edge device that achieves Autonomous Factory
  • Evolution of core structural units such as placement head and component recognition camera
  • Compatible with APC-5M software for autonomously suppressing irregularities in the 5Ms
  • Inherits concept of conventional NPM series, allows for use of existing feeders, nozzles, and carts (minimum investment)

Features and Benefits of Modular Placement Machine NPM-GH

Industry-leading productivity and quality

High-production mode High-accuracy mode
Max takt time 103,000 cph* 75,000 cph*
Placement accuracy ± 25 μm ± 15 μm

* Takt time with FC16 x 2 heads

Improved component adaptability

Flexibility in line configuration achieved by expanding the size of compatible components for the FC16 head

Image : Improved component adaptability

Autonomously limiting irregularities in the 5Ms by APC-5M (real-time unit monitoring)

* APC-5M is optional software

The condition of the subject unit is monitored in real time, and based on changes in monitored values, the user is notified of maintenance timing and conditions that may interfere with production.

The data of subject units in the line can be broken down to analyze the condition of subject units in chronological order.
Since the condition after maintenance can be confirmed, this software allows the user to confirm the optimal maintenance status.

Monitoring of line status

Image: Monitoring of line status

Unit analysis screen

Image: Unit analysis screen

* This is the Line Process Control Screen and not a mounting machine display.

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