Proposals for Server Industry

Proposals for Server Industry

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Server industry

The trends in 5G communication encompass ultra-high-speed and ultra-low-latency connections, high-capacity communications, and multi-terminal connections.
In the area of products, we observe evolving trends such as increased power components, enhanced CPU processing capacity, and expanded memory capacity. However, for producing these products, the trend of quality, labor shortage, and cost remains unchanged. From these trends, support for various odd-shaped components and PCBs, mounting of large and heavy BGA, increase in the number of DIMM connectors, and automation and manpower saving are all considered production challenges.

Proposals of Panasonic Connect

This roadmap simplifies the changes in components and PCBs in the 5G communication infrastructure industry. We anticipate that the large BGA will reach a maximum size and weight of □135 mm and 300 g. The number of DIMM connectors will be increased up to 48 per PCB.
In a wide variety of PCBs, the size and weight significantly differ depending on PCBs in the 5G communication infrastructure.
Panasonic proposes forward-looking solutions to address mounting issues caused by these changes.

Trends of PCB in the 5G communication infrastructure

Image : Trends of PCB in the 5G communication infrastructure

Solutions and product proposals for the server industry


Screen Printer NPM-GP/L

Screen Printer


Optimizes the screen printing process. Equipped with automation functions, also capable of high-accuracy screen printing.

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Modular Placement Machine NPM-WX, WXS

Modular Placement Machine


Covers a wider range of production types by supporting a variety of supply units and increases throughput by manpower saving on the mounting floor. 

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Production Modular NPM-W2/W2S

Production Modular


Implements high-productivity and high-quality with variable-mix and variable-volume production. Supports large components and PCBs.

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Odd-form Component Insertion Machine NPM-VF

Odd-form Component Insertion Machine


Automation of odd-form components insertion process. Various configurations of head tools and machine feeder configurations to adapt to different types of components.

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Installed MES software PanaCIM-EE Gen2

Mounting MES Software

PanaCIM-EE Gen2

Support is provided for improvement in QCD in each task related to mounting, through centralized management of the entire mounting floor

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統合ライン管理システム iLNB

Integrated Line Management System


Optimization of the entire production line by “connecting” Panasonic machines, non-Panasonic machines, and higher-level systems

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