Screen Printer NPM-GP/L


Edge devices, automation functions, and 5M process control to make autonomous factories a reality

  • 5M process control
    • Material and machine condition monitoring to automatically change machine parameters
    • M2M function with inspection machines to optimize printing position and volume
  • Supporting automation functions
    • Automated model changeover work
    • Automated work during production
  • Improved basic performance
    • Printing cycle time: 12 seconds, repeatability of positioning: ± 3.8 μm
    • Supporting high accuracy/density printing

Features and Benefits of “Screen Printer NPM-GP/L”

Monitoring and control of material and machine condition using APC-5M

Solder viscosity feedback

Solder viscosity feedback (optional)

The viscosity of solder on the mask is measured and controlled to maintain the proper viscosity.

Mask tension feedback

Mask tension feedback (option)

Measure mask tension before screen printing and change plate snap off operation.

Mask tension feedback

Cleaning solvent discharge feedback (option)

Monitor solvent discharge when wet-cleaning to maintain the proper discharge.

M2M function with inspection machines to optimize printing position and volume

Changing each condition (printing pressure, squeegee speed, and snap-off speed) based on SPI results makes it possible to reach and maintain optimum printing conditions.

Image: Changing each condition

Printing position and volume are automatically corrected based on SPI results. Two options are available: Position correction and volume correction.
APC-FB (volume) controls volume by changing the squeegee angle, making it possible to smoothly reach and maintain optimum printing conditions.

APC-FB (position) (option)

Image: APC-FB (position) (option)

APC-FB (volume) (option)*

Image: APC-FB (volume) (option)

* The angle variable squeegee (option) is required.

Enhancement of automation and labor-saving functions

Options for automated changeover

Image: Solder transfer (option)

Solder transfer (option)

Automatic collection of solder on mask after printing and automatic feeding of solder on mask for the next production model.

Image: Mask changer (option)

Metal Mask changer (option)

Automatic storing of the mask after the end of production in a magazine at the rear of the machine, and placement of another mask to be used for the next production model in the machine. Capable of stocking up to 10 masks in the magazine and taking masks in and out during production.

Support pin automatic exchange

Support pin automatic exchange (option)

Automated collection/arrangement of support pins during changeover to save manpower.

Options for automated production

Perforated pot type automatic solder supply

Perforated pot type automatic solder supply (option)

Solder supply automated to promote labor saving and operation without interruption.

Paper-free wiping unit (option)

Paper-free wiping unit (option)

Cleaning without using cleaning paper or solvents Use of paper and solvents can be reduced.

Image: Solder leak prevention block (option)

Solder leak prevention block (option)

Magnet reaction force achieves contact with the mask to reduce lateral solder leakage in printing. Simple structure for easy cleaning.

Supporting high accuracy/density printing

Attack angle variable squeegee

Attack angle variable squeegee (option)

The set squeegee angle can be adjusted, using the front and rear squeegee vertical axes, between 45° and 70° in 1 degree increments.

Top/side clamper (movable type)

Top/side clamper (movable type) (Option)

Pressing down on PCB edge faces increases screen printing quality of warped PCB.
Either PCB upper or side face can be selected for correction.

Image: An increase in size from 8.4- to 15-inch

New operation panel

A large-sized panel (15-inch) introduced to increase ease of use and visibility.
Screen configuration reviewed (a reduction in the number of screens) to decrease the screen handling time required.

Introduction video of “Screen Printer NPM-GP/L”

スクリーン印刷機 NPM-GP/Lの商品紹介動画

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