Modular Placement Machine NPM-WX, WXS

Modular Placement Machine NPM-WX, WXS

We propose a mounting line to achieve a smart factory with high productivity and high quality geared toward labor-saving.

  • Evolved basic performance
    • High productivity and high-quality mounting
    • Comparison with W2 (productivity, accuracy)
    • Expansion of production style
  • Various feeder configurations
    • New tray feeder (24-component type tray feeder)
    • Example of 1 beam machine
  • Realization of smart factories - Labor-saving functions
    • Automatic recovery 1, 2 remote operation AOI display function
  • Realization of smart factories - Quality improvement functions
    • Recognition before pickup

Features and Benefits of “Modular Placement Machine NPM-WX, WXS”

Realization of flexible line configuration with expansion of compatible components for various placement heads

Realization of flexible line configuration

Four types of parts supply units allow for various parts supply layouts

30 stations Feeder cart

30 stations
Feeder cart

17 stations Feeder cart

17 stations
Feeder cart

24-component type Tray feeder

24-component type
Tray feeder

Tray stocker

Tray stocker

Mounting line APC-5M*1

*1: APC-5M is to be used with NPM-WX only. Not applicable for NPM-WXS.

By monitoring real-time “5M conditions” and “machine operations”, it detects any changes (variations) in 5M, and performs more intelligent 5M process control and predictive maintenance of the line to realize production of good products and stable operation.

APC-5M Process control

*2: Under development

APC-5M: Real-time unit monitoring

The condition of the subject unit is monitored in real time, and based on the changes in the monitored values, the user is notified of maintenance timing and conditions that may interfere with production.
This function allows maintenance to be performed at optimal timing.

APC-5M: Real-time unit monitoring

Introduction video of “Modular Placement Machine NPM-WX”

モジュラーマウンター NPM-WXの商品紹介動画

Introduction video of “Modular Placement Machine NPM-WXS”

モジュラーマウンター NPM-WXSの商品紹介動画

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