Mounting Machine Training and Mounting Site Education

Operation & Maintenance Solutions for Mounting Factory

Mounting Machine Training and Mounting Site Education

Image: Mounting machine training course

Mounting machine training course

Training that uses the latest mounting machine.
Acquire skills necessary for machine operation, including safety work, operational know-how, and machine maintenance.
Online training is also available for some machines

Image: Mounting site education course

Mounting site education course

Learn know-how specialized for mounting worksites.
We can use your on-site issues as educational materials to solve your problems.
You can choose to hold training sessions either online or in-person.

Mounting machine training

Image: Mounting machine training

Quickly acquire know-how for safety and operational work

Course benefits and value

Acquire practical skills

  • Practical operational learning on the latest machines
  • Programming, machine maintenance, and safety training
  • Experienced instructors share their know-how
    (35th anniversary of the opening of the machine training course)

Beginners welcome

  • Support for all levels from new hires to seasoned veterans
  • Hold training sessions tailored to customer needs
  • 35th anniversary of the opening of the machine training course

Online sessions available*1

  • Reduce the burden of travel, etc.

*1 For details about online courses, see the training menu.

Mounting machine training menu

Printer course

Image: Printer course

Mounting machine course

Image: Mounting machine course
We have started offering online machine training.

Insertion machine course

Image: Insertion machine course

Machine maintenance course

Image: Machine maintenance course

Mounting software course

Image: Mounting software course

Panasonic machine training center

1375 Kamisukiawara, Showa-cho, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi, 409-3895
15 minutes on foot from JR Kokubo Station
15 minutes by car from Kofu Showa IC

Panasonic machine training centerー

Machines available for training

Mounting site education and training

Image: Mounting site education and training

Learn mounting know-how and improvement tips.

Course benefits and value


  • Reduced travel expenses
  • Low fees and reduced human resources development costs*1

Education needs

  • You can choose only the training you need, preventing unnecessary costs
  • Curriculum tailored to customer requests*2


  • Easier scheduling
  • Reduce the burden of travel, etc.

*1 For the basic course
*2 For the customized course

Mounting site education course

Basic course

You can choose on-site know-how learning. You can freely combine fields you want to strengthen.

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce operation losses
  • Fastest manufacturing know-how
  • Defective mechanisms
  • Quality improvement methods
  • Working toward a single PPM
Mounting technology
  • Solder printing technology
  • Component mounting technology
  • Programming technology
Develop new hires
  • Fundamental mounting knowledge
  • Basic site work
  • Beginner worksite management
Process management
  • Production management
  • Process management
  • Material management
  • Mounting cost management
  • Daily checks
  • Machine maintenance
  • Machine and accessory management

Advanced course: On-site OJT plus online hybrid learning. Your production site is used as the basis for learning materials and the place for learning.

Process improvements
  • Your processes are the learning materials
  • Improve your site while learning plus advice
  • Move toward early resolution of worksite issues
Overseas operation
  • Pre-overseas assignment training for mounting supervisors
  • Eliminate concerns about local and production launches
  • Panasonic provides global support

Customized course: A training curriculum put together based on your requests

Customers’ concerns
  • There are few external training programs specializing in mounting know-how
  • I took the training course, but I’m not confident that I can improve the worksite by myself
  • The training venue is too far away, my work schedule does not match course times, and I’m busy


受付時間 9:00~17:00(土日、祝日、年末年始、弊社所定の休日を除く)