High speed Axial Lead Component Insertion Machine AV132

High speed Axial Lead Component Insertion Machine AV132

High production efficiency and low-cost production through technological innovation.

Highly efficient production

  • Sequence type components supply system, 0.12 s/component and approx. 2 s/PCB change time
  • The fixed component feeder unit and the out-of-component detection feature allows replenishing components beforehand for long-term non-stop operation.
  • A full auto-recovery function is provided capable of handling insertion errors automatically for non-stop production for a long time.

Improved operability

  • The liquid crystal touch screen is employed for the control panel and easy operation can be provided by the operation guidance indication.
  • Setup changeover support functions that display the component layout of the component supply unit on the screen are provided.
  • Maintenance support functions that display information of regular check timing and operation content are provided.

Enlargement function option

  • Large-size PCB support option allows hole recognition and insertion up to PCB size of Max. 650 mm x 381 mm.
  • 2 PCB transfer option can decrease PCB loading time by half and increase productivity.

Features and Benefits of “High speed Axial Lead Component Insertion Machine AV132”

Increased productivity, max. speed 0.12 s/component

  • Tact 0.12 s
  • 22,000 CPH
  • Sequence method component supply 40/80 stations

Sequence method component supply

  • The fixed component supply unit allows non-stop production.

Sequencer belt

Sequencer belt
Increased production efficiency


Common for 26 and 52 mm

Automated feeder

Automated feeder
Component supply quality increase

Compact design reduces occupied area by 28%.

Increased area productivity

  • Total area = 13.10 m2
    AV131-60S - RL131-40S
  • Total area = 9.43 m2
    AV132-40S - RL132-40S

Exhibition and Seminar Information

Exhibition and Seminar Information

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Custom Service

Line simulation

Line simulation

Tact simulation can be performed according to the mounted components and supply form.

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Mounting feasibility study

Mounting feasibility study (nozzle selection)

We propose the optimum nozzle for the mounted components

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Maintenance solution

Maintenance solution

To ensure that our mounting machines can be reliably used by our customers for many years after delivery, we not only maintain the machines, but also continue to support our customers throughout the life span of the machines, reducing production loss, stabilizing operation and improving work efficiency.

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