Fukuoka Technical Center

Photo: Fukuoka Technical Center

Please contact us with any problem that you are facing, from products to entire lines and floors. We will offer proposals to meet your needs.

Online verifications and demonstrations are available at the Fukuoka Technical Center.
Please take advantage of this service.

Video: Fukuoka Technical Center strengths

Solve your Placement Problem

We propose the realization of an autonomous factory that continues to evolve autonomously.

The Type of Factory Panasonic Aims For: the Autonomous Factory

Details of verifications and demonstrations

Proposal of highly functional and efficient production using a production line that imitates the customer’s production site

1. Device/smartphone line

  • Micro component mounting (0201 components onward)
  • Densified mounting
  • High-quality manufacturing (M2M link system)
  • Improved productivity (automatic changeover using iLNB)

2. Automotive/industrial device line

  • Large/tall component mounting
  • High-quality manufacturing (M2M link system)
  • Improved productivity (automatic changeover using iLNB)
  • Traceability
Photo: Production line that imitates the customer’s production site

Our staff will work with you to solve problems (printing to reflow, mounting analysis, and production technical support)

  • Verification and demonstration using demonstration/customer PCBs, components, and bonding materials
    (Printing, pickup, recognition, placement, reflow, and bonding quality)
  • Optimization of printing conditions
  • Optimization of pickup and placement conditions
  • Takt verification
  • Automation and labor-saving
  • Void observation using an X-ray inspection device
Image: Mounter: Placement accuracy verification and Printer performance verification

Online verifications and demonstrations

Online verifications and demonstrations that use the Internet are provided. Although you cannot touch the actual machines, you can communicate interactively with us by asking and answering questions, so you can understand more about the product than simply looking at a catalog or video. It is also possible to connect to multiple locations at the same time from within the company. It is easy to participate even from afar and less time consuming, so please take advantage of this service!

Image: Online verifications and demonstrations

Display area

A variety of products is always on display in this area. We provide total system solutions by combining the most appropriate solutions and products while listening to your needs.

  • PCB: Demonstration PCB (devices, smartphones, vehicles, and computers)
  • Component: 0201 to large odd-form components for vehicles
  • Bonding materials: Solder and adhesive
  • Other: Various idea products, etc.
Photo: Display area

Manufacturing area

We introduce a variety of useful functions in a layout that is reminiscent of a customer’s production factory (manufacturing area).

Image: Manufacturing area

Displayed machines

Solder inspection devices Koh Young(Meister S:5um)
CKD (VP6000LD-V: 15 μm, VP6000M-V: 8 μm)
Component visual inspection devices SAKI(3Di-LD3:8μm)
X-ray inspection devices OMRON (VT-X750: CT type, 6 μm variable)
Reflow oven Senju Metal (SNR-840GT)
Other Malcom (High-temperature Observation Oven)
Nikon (NEXIV Video Measuring Systems)
Keyence (Various microscopes)


4-1-62 Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 812-8531


受付時間 9:00~17:00(土日、祝日、年末年始、弊社所定の休日を除く)