Suzhou Technical Center

We display the latest machines handled by Panasonic and provide solutions to our customers' on-site problems. We deliver not only stand-alone devices, but also total process solutions by combining third party devices, inspection machines, and systems.

Photo: Suzhou Technical Center

Product display area

We propose a variety of items and systems to manage all factory manufacturing operations.

Photo: Product display area
Photo: Product display area
Photo: Product display area

Demonstration area

In addition to demonstrations of actual machines, demonstration activities are also conducted on customer workpieces (PCBs, components, materials, etc.).
We provide proposals and solutions to the problems our customers face on-site in China.


Details of verifications and demonstrations

  • Demonstrations of actual machines using materials prepared by Panasonic

    We introduce the mounting process with demonstration PCBs that consider each industry, including machine performance, process proposals, and solutions to your problems.

  • Verification and demonstration testing using customer's PCBs, components, and bonding materials

    We will contribute to shortening the lead time for mass production, improving quality, and resolving problems at the manufacturing site through verification testing using your materials and components.

Demonstration examples


Solder transfer, mask changer,perforated pot type automatic solder supply, support pin automatic replacement, APC, etc.

Mounting machines: 

iLNB automatic changeover, remote control, APC-FF, 2 meter PCB mounting, etc.

Displayed machines

Automation and labor-saving Unit operation permission change/operation history retrospective
Nozzle cleaning inspection machine
DIMM connector feeder

Other Inspection device Reflow oven


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Panasonic Factory Solutions Suzhou Co., Ltd.
No.1, Linbu Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, China, 215121

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