List of software that “connects” mounting floors

List by process

Software for each process for mounting

Image: Software provided by Panasonic for each process

▲Software provided by Panasonic for each process

Entire mounting floor

Software solutions that “connect” Panasonic’s electronic component mounting machines

Mounting Floor Integrated Management

Mounting Floor Integrated Management

Software for managing mounting lines and mounting floors

We contribute to the maximization of OEE by managing Panasonic's electronic component mounting systems across the entire line and reflecting them in production planning.

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Integrated line management system iLNB

Integrated Line Management System


Optimization of the entire production line by “connecting" Panasonic machines, non-Panasonic machines, and higher-level systems

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Installed MES software PanaCIM-EE Gen2

Mounting MES Software

PanaCIM-EE Gen2

Support is provided for improvement in QCD in each task related to mounting, through centralized management of the entire mounting floor

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Manufacturing Operations Optimizer MFO

Manufacturing Operations Optimizer


The “Next Innovation" in mounting production lines.
Automatic planning of optimal production based on collected worksite information, parameters, and mounting PCB data

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Data Generation System NPM-DGS

Data Generation System


Contributes to the generation of optimal component arrangements, assembly order and production data for multiple PCBs by importing your CAD and BOM data

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Feeder Setup Navigator

Feeder Setup Navigator

Contributes to improved productivity with highly accurate production time estimation and feeder replacement sequence instructions

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All machines (machine to machine)

Software solutions that “connect” Panasonic’s machine to inspection equipment

APC System

APC System

Connecting a mounting machine or printers to inspection equipment enables components to be placed correctly in the target position

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