Do you face any of these problems?

  • Need to prepare a production plan that optimizes the SMT changeover preparation
  • Need to prepare production plans taking into consideration common arrangements
  • Need to streamline work time and improve efficiency related to preparation of plans
  • Need to resolve the situation where the planning personnel cannot take a break
  • Need to generate SMT production data based on production plans
  • Need to perform simulations for improving productivity, such as efficient line organization, machine expansion, operator routing, etc.

Panasonic Manufacturing Operations Optimizer MFO solves your problems by enabling the simulation of the entire production process through the creation of a digital twin of the mounting floor

Manufacturing Operations Optimizer MFO

Automated proposal of efficient production plan

It automatically proposes an efficient production plan based on all information and parameters from the worksite and data from the mounted PCBs. The plans are extremely close to actual worksite conditions and by sending this feedback to Asprova, the accuracy of the production plan for the mounting process can be improved.

Extensive constraint functions

It quickly proposes SMT placement plans considering various constraints such as feeders, carts, dual lane production, independent placement, alternate placement, etc.

Global support

Japanese, Chinese and English are available. We support global expansion in Japan, the Americas, Europe, East Asia, and South Asia.

Extensive outputs

It provides output necessary for mounting line operations, including SMT production plan, external preparation plan, internal preparation plan, reel picking information, reel placement information and information on preparation components.

Customer's Case Study

アルプスアルパイン導入事例動画 (英)

[ Case Study ]

Labor saving of mounting line

Labor-saving production planning and high-quality mounting on a line with high-mix low-volume production and frequent changeover by using software.

Main Features

Optimizing production plans
Optimizing off-line setup
Automatic production program generation
SMT process simulation

What do you do with a floor layout?

Setting line configuration for production plans and simulations
Entering operator positions
Easily-to-use; operating with a mouse


How does a Gantt chart work?

Illustrating a schedule based on capacity utilization and various constraints automatically
Showing production plans by mounter/lane
Easily-to-use; operating with a mouse when you change plans


How does an off-line setup plan work?

Visual display for off-line set up plans for each machine and lane
Outputting to CSV file


How does an in-line setup plan work?

Visual display for in-line set up plans for each machine and lane
Outputting to CSV file



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