Do you face any of these problems?

  • Setup operations are complicated, time-consuming, and labor-intensive
  • Operation efficiency varies from operator to operator
  • Setup operations cause stoppage of equipment, due to which productivity does not improve
  • Setup takes a large number of man-hours, requiring many operators

Panasonic’s Feeder Setup Navigator contributes to reduction of production lead times and setup man-hours through efficient setup operations independent of the operator.

image: Feeder Setup Navigator

Contributes to improved productivity with highly accurate production time estimation and feeder replacement sequence instructions

Enables estimation of total production time, taking into account setup time and available human resources. Provides the operator with instructions for efficient setup, which the operator can follow without thinking, and which allow the operator to reduce the amount of setup operations and partially used components. Displays the actual production against the estimated production time, making it easy to modify the plan.

Reduced model changeover time

Clarifies operations and enables work that does not rely on individual experience by visualization of components/feeders to be removed and installed in production setups. Reduces model changeover time by enabling production setup for the next model, during production.


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