Process Solution for High-accuracy Mounting

Solving Problems

Do you face any of these problems?

  • Insufficient solder during printing
  • Components damaged due to displacement of placement load and impact loads during placement
  • Increase in the defect rate of inspection process
  • Difficult to maintain a high level of quality for placing 0201 components.

Process solutions of Panasonic solves customer issues with high-accuracy mounting

Potential “problems” and “Panasonic’s solutions”

▲Potential “problems” and “Panasonic’s solutions”

High fill printing for high aspect ratio apertures, hybrid pickup function

When the aperture becomes smaller, the aspect ratio of the mask increases, which worsens solder filling and solder release at the time of snap-off.
As a method to solve this problem, we propose “Hybrid pickup function.”

PCB mask optimization design Optima Design Navigator

As a solution for efficient prototyping and evaluation without requiring skills and with no backtracking, we have developed the Optima Design Navigator, a tool that automatically designs the optimum land and mask based on the appropriate amount of solder.

System high-accuracy/Low load placement (±15 µm, 50 µm adjacent)

By combining vibration control of the XY-axis and placement angle recognition, which recognizes components at the angle at which they are placed, NPM-DX enables high-accuracy placement of ±15 µ.

Process control APC-MFB2 System

The APC-MFB2 system, which provides feedback from the post-placement inspection equipment (AOI) to the placement machine, helps maintain high placement quality by providing feedback to the placement machine based on AOI measurement results.

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