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Screen Printer SPG/SPG2, Mounting Machine NPM-W2/WX, software iLNB, Data Generation System DGS

High-mix low-volume production is also made more efficient by the synergy of hardware and software.SMT solutions that realized QCD improvements.

Introduction: 1990~   Location: Shimane prefecture, Japan


As consumer needs diversified in personal computer selection, high-mix low volume production has become normal. In addition, from the viewpoint of cost reduction and quality improvement, it was urgent to tackle automation.


Automated by making the most of Panasonic's SMT hardware and software. As a result, succeeded to reduce staff by 40% and improved productivity by 30%, and quality loss was halved.

 “The part that we trust Panasonic is definitely their great support. They realized our “wants” anytime. In that regard, I believe Panasonic is the most understanding partner to realize our vision.”

Shimane Fujitsu Limited
Mr. Hidetoshi Fukai, Executive Director


Increasing the number of high-mix low volume production, need to pursue production efficiency by automation

“Shimane Fujitsu has been engaged in integrated manufacturing in Japan since 1990, from the manufacture of printed circuit boards to the assembly of products. In recent years, as the needs of customers have diversified, high-mix low volume production has become the main stream. In addition, EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) from customers other than personal computers has began. It was necessary to deal with variate production, and we have had to pursue high production efficiency in all aspects. Therefore, we are focusing on automation." (Mr. Fukai, Executive Officer)

Reason for introduction

A trusted partner for many years to propose the evolution of manufacturing

"For 30 years, our company has introduced equipment such as Panasonic SMT machines and screen printer. One of the factors is the compatibility of data and feeders when the machine of the same manufacturer is updated. But the biggest reason is that they are a reliable partner who has responded to the evolution of manufacturing that we could not have achieved by ourselves. Their technology and speed was so reliable." (Mr. Fukai, Executive Officer)

Partner who will change together

I have been using Panasonic‘s facilities since I joined Shiman Fujitsu 20 years ago. The reason why we continue to introduce is because we really like their attitude of ’change together‘. Changing the production method is a big challenge for factory workers, but Panasonic’s support is very helpful. In addition, I also repair facilities on site, but their after-sales service is great. The fact that we can operate without stopping production, this is also the big reason why we continue to use Panasonic’s products. Their products are consistent in its manufacturing philosophy, so we can use it safely even if the machine generation has changed." (Mr. Omura, Printed Plate Manufacturing Department)


Transforming into a muscular and flexible factory with improvements in QCD

"By combining the continuous improvement in SMT line with Panasonic’s hardware and software, we have achieved significant results.
  Quality: Single ppm  Cost: 40% reduction  Delivery: 30% reduction
We are still in halfway, but we have evolved into a very muscular and flexible factory from a management perspective. (Mr. Fukai, Executive Officer)

Partner who will change together

As a result, we have been able to realize a system that enables us to predict component outages in real time by linking with production management information of facilities, to switch models during operation by keeping the number of remaining tray components. And organized receiving a stop signal of facilities so that we can see them in one place called Electronic Andong”. In addition, we have contributed to the realization of a labor-saving line by proposing solutions for the entire implementation line, which includes other companies‘ equipment. The frequency of failures has been greatly reduced by the introduction of latest NPM series SMT machines and software. The areas in which we can maitain by ourselves has increased, and it led to reduction of line stop." (Mr. Omura, Printed Plate Manufacturing Department)


There are 10 SMT lines, and 2 lines are connected to mount both the front side and back side. AGV automates the transfer work of the PCBs. As you can see, there are very few workers on the SMT line.


As customers' needs diversify, small lot production of 10 units is 90% of total production. Shimane Fujitsu’s capability to handle small volume, high variety production is one of their strengths.


Electronic Andong placed in the center of the line. Errors such as mounting machines are output and visualized, and operators work according to this display to enhance production efficiency.

Case study video

島根富士通導入事例動画 (英)

Voice of customers

Panasonic is the best partner who know SMT and Shimane Fujitsu well

“We have increased productivity through automation without reducing quality or production quantity. In the next step, we aim to fully automate the SMT manufacturing process.

To achieve this goal, we need partner who are good at SMT solutions and who know us well. We think it is Panasonic. I am looking forward to receiving the proposal from Panasonic. We can do it together.

株式会社 島根富士通深井 英昇様
Shimane Fujitsu Limited, Exective Officer, Hidetoshi Fukai
*The organization/post was at the time of the interview.

Our goal is envolving factory with utilizing old equipments

“I think one of the good points about Panasonic is that we can improve the conventional product called ‘retrofit’ together. We still have old facilities in the factory, so we would like to work on raising the utilization rate of these old facilities.

We expect Panasonic’s proposal “Autonomous Factory” that uses AI to control 5M variations autonomously. We do hope Panasonic and Shimane Fujitsu can realize this concept of factory in the near future."

株式会社 島根富士通製造統括部 プリント基板製造部小村 邦博様
Shimane Fujitsu Limited, Manufacturing Div. Kunihiro Omura
*The affiliation was at the time of the interview.

Customer introduction

Shimane Fujitsu Limited

Shimane Fujitsu is engaged in integrated manufacturing of client devices such as laptops and tablet computers, from printed circuit board manufacturing to product assembly. They provide high-quality products quickly and flexibly around the world through their production line that supports a wide variety of products and small lots. We can see “smart manufacturing” method in their factory everywhere.

島根富士通様 外観
Shimane Fujitsu Limited Shimane prefecture, Japan

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