High current welding machine for high-efficiency and high-quality welding.
A long leg length of 16.5 mm and a deposition rate of 300 g/min or more can be achieved with a single weld pass.
Stable welding is possible over a wide current range from low to high current.

Solves the following problems when welding thick plates.

  • Need to reduce the number of weld passes.
  • Need to reduce spatter even at high currents.
  • Need to ensure deep penetration and long leg length.

Features of YD-700VH1

(1) High deposition welding
A surprising deposition amount per one weld pass using a single welding power source and a single torch reduces the number of weld passes, improving production efficiency!

(2) Low-spatter welding
A high performance power source enables pulse MAG welding, achieving low-spatter welding even at 700 A.

(3) High-quality welding
In addition to low spatter, a large leg length and deep penetration is ensured, achieving high reliability required for thick plates!

feature of yd-700vh1

Welding workpiece (Click to enlarge)

Long leg length welding and low spatter is possible with high current.

700VH1 welding workplace
700VH1 welding wlrkplace-2

Introduction Video

YD-700VH1 High current pulse welding



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