What is Panasonic's Thermal Fabrication Systems Business?

About 70 years have passed since Panasonic developed and launched an energy-saving AC welding machine using capacitors in 1958. Our products has been supported by many customers and developed dramatically in a long term.

In addition to manufacturing and selling our products, we have always been sincere about our customers' problems at their production sites. We will continue to bring innovation to the production sites of our various customers with "Total Solutions," which extends from our core welding and machining technologies accumulated in various fields.


Our Vision: Autonomous Factory

Recently, manufacturing using welding is facing significant changes.
With the start of production of EVs, there is a huge demand for the processing of non-ferrous and multi-materials, such as aluminum and resin, from conventional ferrous materials in order to reduce the weight of car bodies. Manufacturing in factories is also changing from mass production to small-volume, multi-product production, and even under these conditions, we need to improve productivity and quality.

In response to these big changes in manufacturing, we intend to solve factory problems by creating “Autonomous Factory”, which can adapt to changes and continue to evolve and improve autonomously.

Focusing on the fact that many issues on the manufacturing floor are caused by 5M variations in huMan (people), Machine (machine), Material (material), Method (method), and Measurement (measurement), which are variable factors, we would like to manage these autonomously, including planning production plans.

Autonomous control of 5M inconsistencies

Do you have any problem?

  • Want to achieve high-quality and stable welding and improve the productivity of the welding process
  • Skilled welders are aging and leaving jobs, and high welding quality can not be maintained
  • Unable to keep up with new materials, such as aluminum, ultra-high tensile steel and galvanized steel etc.
  • The welding process is managed by analogue, and want to use IoT products to digitize and visualize
  • Lots of sputter during welding (takes time to remove)

Based on high-performance welding machines and robots that boast one of the highest market shares in the market, we propose automation and visualization of the welding process and before/after processes.

With the welding robot TAWERS, the amount of sputter generated during welding of various materials is reduced to the utmost, and the welding process is automated using a materials handling robot. Moreover, the integrated welding management system iWNB connects and visualizes each equipments in before/after welding processes to achieve stable, high-quality production that does not depend on humans know-how.

We are here to serve you with connected facilities

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Cutting edge product TAWERS

Arc Welding Robot "TAWERS"

“TAWERS” is the world's first robot that integrated welding power source and controller. A robotic controller controls the welding power source at ultra-high speed to achieve precise and precise welding. In addition, optional software can be added as an afterthought, making this a high-performance welding robot unlike any other, capable of handling various welds with a single power supply.

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Integrated Welding Management System iWNB

By "digitalizing" and "visualizing" equipment operation status and quality information, we contribute to improving the productivity of the welding process.



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Panasonic has established a system to support customers all over the world. Customers expanding production from Japan to overseas factories can also use our equipment with peace of mind.


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