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This is a collection of case studies in the automotive field. Robot system case studies for each part are available.

*The videos are created with the offline teaching and editing software DTPS III

溶接 自動化事例(自動車分野)

Sub-assembly components

A flexible approach to the workpiece is possible by using a 1-axis welding positioner.

溶接 自動化事例(自動車分野)

Small components

Combination of a robot with a 1-axis welding positioner. Man-hours for changeover can be reduced.

溶接 自動化事例(自動車分野)

Assembly components

Combination of a robot with a 2-axis welding positioner. A downward welding position can be secured with respect to the workpiece.

Offline teaching and editing software DTPS III

This verification software can be used for various applications such as robot movement range, interference checks, optimal equipment layouts, and approximate takt trial calculations, etc., in virtual space on a PC.
The software can also be used as a support tool during start-up of production sites.

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Offline teaching software DTPS III



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