Proposal of Processes for Low-Volume Production

Proposals by Problems and Solutions

Do you face any of these problems?

  • Many components mounted on one PCB and many model changes
  • Need to invest based on the production volume as the forecast fluctuates significantly
  • High frequency of changeover
  • Requires mounting of trays and large components

Proposal of Processes for Low-Volume Production

Product line-up

Image: Proposed product line-up to realize process proposals for low-volume production

▲Proposed product line-up to realize process proposals for low-volume production

New medium-speed machine VM series

Downsized the machine by specializing the PCB to M size
Many variations of the supply unit enable machines to be selected according to the production style

AM100 one-machine solution

Enables a full range of component placement with one head
Can handle a wide range of components from 0402 to large odd-form components. Enables placement of tall parts up to 40 mm (millimeters)
Developed a change mode to enable preparation for the next model while production is in progress

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Modular Placement Machine VM Series

Modular Placement Machine

VM series

A compact and high-performance model has been realized that can flexibly handle everything from high-speed production to high-mix, low-volume and prototype production.

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Modular Placement Machine AM100

Modular Placement Machine


Highly versatile one-machine solution that supports a variety of PCBs and production types.

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Production Modular NPM-W2/W2S

Production Modular


Implements high-productivity and high-quality with variable-mix and variable-volume production. Supports large components and PCBs.

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Installed MES software PanaCIM-EE Gen2

Mounting MES Software

PanaCIM-EE Gen2

Support is provided for improvement in QCD in each task related to mounting, through centralized management of the entire mounting floor

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