Proposal of a Cutting-edge Mounting System That Achieves Highly Efficient Production for the Most Difficult SMT PCBs

Proposals by Problems and Solutions

Do you face any of these problems?

  • With the battery leaving less space for the PCB in smartphones, there is shrinkage of PCB space, making it difficult to place components
  • With the high resolution of LED displays, the components are becoming smaller and more difficult to place
  • High-accuracy placement makes it difficult to maintain high productivity

Proposal of a cutting-edge mounting system that achieves highly efficient production for the most difficult SMT PCBs

NPM series is a one-stop solution for smartphone PCBs for which component placement is difficult.

▲Panasonic’s dual-lane flagship model

NPM-X series

NPM-X series that has achieved high productivity, high-efficiency production, and high quality, can place 455,600 CPH when combined with NPM-DX and WX in a line with three machines used in connection.
Full line automation and labor saving are being promoted with various equipment functions.

High productivity, high-efficiency production, high quality

High productivity: Basic functions provide highest speed and a placement accuracy of ±25 μm
High-efficiency production: Full automation and labor saving based on automatic recovery, remote operation, and navigation
High-quality production: Placement accuracy of ±15 μm, constant load 0.5 N

Dual Printer SPV-DC

Dual-lane configuration flexibly supports various production types, such as simultaneous printing of two copies of the same model, or production of different models at front and rear.
High-speed production and zero model changeover time enable a printing speed of 6.5 seconds per sheet.

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