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Modular mounter NPM-WX, SMT line system APC-5M

Visualization of SMT equipment condition by using the APC-5M system.
By detecting signs of defects in advance, maintenance can be done in the spare time, resulting in high productivity.

Introduction: From 2022   Location: Hyogo prefecture, Japan


The frequency and implementation of maintenance were determined based on manuals and experienced operator's intuition. Under such circumstances, there were sudden equipment stoppages and excessive maintenance.


Heads, nozzles, and feeders, which have a particular impact on mounting quality, are monitored in real time by using APC -5M software to visualize equipment conditions. Warnings were issued and equipments were automatically shut down not to occur big problem.

 “The APC-5M is a very effective tool that our operators are happy with. They say it is easier for them to plan their operations because we can now see what we couldn't see before.” 

Panasonic Connect, Mobilie Solutions Business Division

Mr. Shinji Kawakami, Assistant Manager


SMT Lines are shut down everyday for maintenance

Until now, daily inspections and periodic maintenance had been performed based on the intuition and experience of the operators, who decided the frequency and details of implementation. During this time, the operation of the mounting machine had to be stopped.

Excessive maintenance to keep stable production

We were not able to catch the signs of defects in advance, which led to sudden equipment stoppages. And productivity sometimes did not increase.

Reason for introduction

"We can do maintenance in a short time." (Shinji Kawakami)

Real-time monitoring of components such as heads, nozzles, and feeders, which have a big impact on mounting quality, allows maintenance to be performed in a short time without stopping the line for maintenance.

“We can visualize what is likely to happen and when, which makes it easier to make predictions for production and maintenance plans," (Migifumi Tanaka)

Since the APC-5M has the function to issue warnings before equipment operation is affected and to automatically stop the system if it is determined to have a significant impact on production. These functions can now be effectively utilized to perform maintenance at more appropriate times.


Continuous production while maintaining the best condition of equipments

"This is a great software that has made all the operators, including myself, very happy because we can now see things (problems) that we couldn't see before.”(Shinji Kawakami

Everyone can predict what is likely to happen next

“The Process Automation Business Division and we have created user friendly screen that is easy for anyone to understand.”(Shinji Kawakami


Mounter NPM-WX realize high productivity and high quality SMT line.


Mixed parts are mounted on a PCB, from 0603 size chip to 70mm size connectors.


Monitoring can be done from a location away from the site.

Case study video

MSBD神戸導入事例動画 (英)

Voice of customers

Create enough time to spend with customers by improving production processes

“By accelerating DX and automatically acquiring, visualizing, and analyzing data on people and facilities, we are able to identify issues and make immediate improvements to improve the accuracy of forecast management.”

Ubun Tanaka
Kobe Factory, SMT production section, Manager
*The organization/post was at the time of the interview.

Answers to work problems are on the site.

“I was very impressed by their earnest efforts to make the APC-5M easier to use. I was very impressed by their sincere attitude.”

Shinji Kawakami
Kobe Factory, SMT production section, Assistant Manager
*The organization/post was at the time of the interview.

Customer introduction

Mainly manufacturing and selling Let's Note

Panasonic Connect Mobile Solutions Business Division manufactures Let's Note business mobile devices, Toughbook rugged field mobile devices, 5-inch rugged handhelds, and payment terminals.

Kobe factory is positioned as the global mother factory. We also collaborate with three overseas configuring bases that customize products according to customer requests and ship directly to consumption areas.



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