Improving the working environment of store staff

Work shift optimization solution "CYTIS Shift"

Improving the ease of work for employees by using IE and AI on-site
Gemba Solutions Company
Case Study


AEON Retail Corporation

  • Core company of the AEON Group
  • Operates "AEON" and "AEON Style" supermarkets
  • More than 350 "community-based" stores

Automate and optimize shift planning

  • Requires advanced skills to manually combine the requests of store staff members
  • Demand forecast traditionally based on intuition and experience
  • Need to reduce the workload of store staff in case of unexpected rise in store traffic

CYTIS Shift solution

  • Automatically create optimal shift plans using AI technology and Industrial Engineering solution
  • Utilize data to improve operations and enhance customer service
  • Enhance workplace environment where store staff can fully demonstrate their diverse abilities

Contributing to the sustainability of society Starting from co-creation

We work with customers and partners to solve various issues that are common to business and society. Among them, at sites where work volume fluctuates frequently, we solve customer issues by visualizing then standardizing work based on the concept of industrial engineering (IE) and optimizing work sites.

Toward a better society Through solving on-site issues

Traditionally, the retail industry has spent a lot of time and effort planning shifts for store staff. Shift planning, which manually combines demand forecasting that relies on intuition and experience with the requests of staff, is highly skilled and leads to individualization, and we felt that it was a challenge to impose a workload on staff when unexpected store traffic occurred. CYTIS Shift automatically creates the optimal shift plan at the customer‘s site using AI technology and IE solutions, reducing the burden on shift planners and contributing to management by improving the efficiency of limited resources. This introduction not only optimizes store operations, but also enables improved operations and enhanced customer service through the analysis of data. For store staff, this reduces the workload by improving operational efficiency, contributing to enhanced workplace environments where each employee can fully demonstrate their diverse abilities. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a society where all people can continue to work safely and with peace of mind.

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