Reducing the workload for immersive experiences

High Brightness Projector "PT-RQ25K" Series Media Entertainment Business Division

Sustainability through the provision of services to customers
Media Entertainment Business Division
Streamline Workflow

*1 Operation mode "Normal", [Dynamic Contrast] set to [3], IEC62087:2008 Broadcast content projection, temperature 35 C,Under the conditions of 700 m above sea level and a dust environment of 0.15 mg/m3, it is the time of use until the light output is halved.

The light output half-life time varies depending on the usage conditions and environment.


Events, theme parks, digital museums, etc.

  • Companies that deliver emotional experiences to society through spatial production

Reliability , Streamline workload

  • In environments where trouble is not tolerated, a high level of performance is required.
  • Reduction of delivery time, installation space, and delivery costs
  • Reducing the workload of management staff

High Brightness Projector PT-RQ25 Series

  • Industry: World's smallest and lightest size*2
  • Various functions such as remote preview light and NFC to streamline workflow
  • Highly reliable design that can be used in adverse environments such as high temperature and high dust levels

Providing solutions that enhance the visual experience

This division uses the experience and track record we have cultivated in many video-related businesses to work with our customers to solve problems. With a focus on video and audio, we are evolving our strong hardware and manufacturing to provide solutions and services that deliver greater peace of mind and excitement to our customers.

Contributing to the production of spaces that realize immersive experiences

In the Location Based Entertainment market, as experience-based events and facilities that allow you to enjoy immersive spaces are appearing one after another, there is no room for trouble, and it is necessary to install and adjust video equipment without mistakes and operate stably according to the event. Therefore, we felt that it was an issue to impose a workload on the management staff. For this reason, professional projectors, which are the key to creating a space, are required not only to create a sense of presence with bright, high-quality images, but also to be compact, highly efficient, and have a safe and secure design that contributes to reliable and continuous operations.

The high-brightness projector PT-RQ25K series has a unique optical unit and power supply block design, making it the smallest and lightest*2 in the industry, contributing to reductions in transportation and storage costs and installation space. Various functions such as a remote preview light streamline various functions such as setting up equipment and adjusting the projection screen, and the hermetically sealed optical engine is maintenance-free and highly reliable for use even in harsh environments with high temperatures and dust. This not only significantly reduces the burden on operational staff for transporting, setting up, adjusting, and dismantling, but also allows them to work on mission-critical projects that require a high level of production ability with greater peace of mind. We will continue to develop and provide high-brightness projectors that boast the industry's No. 1 market share*3, aiming to deliver overwhelming visual beauty and improve the operational efficiency and reliability of installation staff, contributing to the enhancement of the value of the immersive experience space.

*2 As of October 2022. DLP® laser projectors of 16,000 lm or more. It is based on nominal mass and external dimension values.

*3 No.1 in the domestic market with a sales value share of 5k lm or more Source: PMA

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