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Welding Power Source Integrated Robot Super Active TAWERS (Optional)

High-quality brazing with high degree of difficulty

Introduction:2018 Location : Kumamoto, Japan


Highly difficult brazing welding had to be achieved without relying on the know-how of skilled workers.


Brazing option added to Super Active TAWERS to significantly shorten welding condition setting time and ensure high-quality welding.

 "The dedicated braze welding software makes it very easy to set conditions and make adjustments."

Managing Director Yuichiro Nakayama


Application to brazing welding

The reason for considering a welding robot for brazing this time was a request for a brazing welding job from a motorcycle manufacturer with whom we have a business relationship. Braze welding is a type of brazing and is a welding method used mainly for parts such as tanks and parts of fueling ports. The features of brazing welding are that it can join at relatively low temperatures compared to normal welding, thus minimizing deformation of the workpiece, and it can easily be applied to thin plates and fine parts. 

"When welding tanks, we are particularly careful about the quality of the workpiece, because if quality defects occur on the underside of the bead due to excessive heat input, there is an increased risk of rust. This led us to consider purchasing a welding robot that could weld under uniform conditions."
(Managing Director Yuichiro Nakayama)

Reason for introduction

Existence of dedicated brazing welding software

Panasonic welding robots have a dedicated brazing software option, and this was the most decisive factor. In the past, KN Tech's welding conditions were set by veteran employees based on their experience, but in anticipation of future handover, the ideal was to be able to set conditions without relying on human operators as much as possible.

Low spatter generation

KN Tech had been using robots from other companies besides Panasonic, but the low spatter of Panasonic welding robots was also an important factor in their selection. The spatter removal process was the easiest part of the process. In the past, we had to remove spatter while the robot was in motion. The spatter removal process is quick for those who are accustomed to it, but for those who are not accustomed to it, it takes a long time. With Panasonic robots, this process is much shorter. 

Post-introduction effects

High-quality brazing without relying on human resources

The dedicated brazing welding software makes it easy to set up difficult brazing conditions.
Using the dedicated brazing welding software has made condition setting and adjustment much easier. Although some modifications are necessary after the software is applied, the time required to set the conditions has been greatly reduced compared to the past.

Experience reliable wire feeding and stable robot operation

While other companies' robots have sometimes caused equipment stoppages due to feedability problems during long work periods, Panasonic's robots rarely have such problems, resulting in less lost work time. They move very quickly. And the control is very tight. The beads are stable. 

"I really appreciate that.The production volume is completely different, and if we run the line for a day or a week, the production volume is different, so both the shop floor and I are fully aware of the effects of this."

Significant reduction in work time

Since its introduction, we have seen significant benefits. In particular, the welding process time has been greatly reduced, from 120 seconds to 85 seconds.
In addition, the generation of spatter has been greatly reduced, and the labor and cost of its removal has also been drastically reduced. Improvements in quality, strength, and appearance are also evident, further enhancing the quality of the product.

TAWERS, a welding power fusion robot that performs brazing welding

TAWERS, a welding power fusion robot that performs brazing welding

Brazed welded workpiece with beautiful bead surface

Brazed welded workpiece with beautiful bead surface

Welded by Super Active Process Frame parts for motorcycles

Welded by Super Active Process Frame parts for motorcycles

Super Active Process is characterized by very low spatter

Super Active Process is characterized by very low spatter


Voice of customers

Impressed when I saw welding for the first time

"At first, I didn't have an impression of Panasonic as a 'welding robot' because I associated them with home appliances. But when I saw the actual machine, I fell in love at first sight. There was very little spatter and the bead was very clean. I have many years of experience in manual welding, but from the sound of the bead, I thought, 'This is a good welding job'.
This brazing welding is also one of the technically very difficult welds. I was confident in my selection of Panasonic because they have dedicated software for brazing.“
(Representative Director and President, Masayuki Nakayama)

Masayuki Nakayama
KN Tech, CEO,
Masayuki Nakayama
*The affiliation was at the time of the interview.

Realization of factories where humans and robots coexist

" While complete unmanned operation is the ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises, in reality it requires the coexistence of humans and robots.
As for future initiatives, we are considering the introduction of Panasonic's welding management system. In particular, we are looking forward to Panasonic's promotion of visualization, such as work volume, progress status, and causes of stoppages.
As I am in charge of welding motorcycle parts, I feel a great sense of accomplishment in the process of giving shape to the parts. In particular, it is very rewarding to know that the parts we make are used all over the world and appreciated by many people."
(Managing Director,Yuichiro Nakayama)

Yuichiro Nakayama
KN Tech, Managing Director,
Yuichiro Nakayama
*The affiliation was at the time of the interview.

Customer introduction

Pursuing quality and cost to achieve customer requirements

KN Tech has a history of more than 50 years in the field of precision metalworking. The company has contributed to the creation of a safe, secure, and comfortable society through the manufacture of automotive parts and medical equipment parts.

KN Tech

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