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Highlands Diversified Services
Welding Power Source Integrated Robot Super Active TAWERS (Optional)

Since adopting welding robots in 1998, we have been contributing to Highlands as the best partner to survive in the automotive industry!

Introduction:2018 Location: Lexington, Kentucky, USA


In the automotive industry, lighter weight products and thinner materials that have higher strengths are required. But it was difficult to realize such matket demands.


By installing the Super Active optional technology to welding robot TAWERS, heat input was controlled even for thin plate welding, and realized super low-sputter and high-grade welding.

“Recently, we have adopted the Super Active torch technology on Panasonic robots we've purchased. We found that we were able to see a vast improvement in the quality of the welds in terms of the spatter reduction. And also able to see on different types of materials, and get good penetration results.”

Highlands Diversified Services, Inc.
Dear Michelle Hamm, General Manager


There was a need to solve the labor shortage and customer needs of the entire manufacturing industry.

Panasonic has been our robotic welding partner since 1998. Since that time, we have over 17 different robots now.
We have been faced with a lot of challenges that involve labor force reduction issue in US. We believe that we can meet the needs of our customers and labor shortage issue by utilizing robot technology. So we have been introducing Panasonic robots and Super Active technology. (Michelle Hamm, General Manager)

Reason for introduction

Easy to use even for inexperienced operators

From the engineering department that manages the equipments view, it is very important for operators to operate it easily.
Panasonic‘s robots are simple interface. We can teach an operator to use within just a few minutes. We utilize and like it because we don’t get as much splatter. It’s more controlled. In addition, the excellent repeatability of the robot is also helpful in terms of engineering department. (Mike Wilson, Engineering Manager)

The fact that we have the latest robots, it secures human resources acquisition

As in the past, it is very difficult to secure a workforce, especially now. If woekforce come in and got old nasty equipment, they don‘t want to work with that. To hire excellent worlforce, we have to have brand new and user-friendly equipment they like. Looking around, there is no comparison as far as ease of use, number one, and that’s the most important to me. Super Active was incomparable technology and we have introduced. Other than that, it was easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to train. (Mr. Jason Carl, Welding Engineer)

Post-introduction effects

Panasonic is a partner that we definitely need

The introduction of Super Active reduces spatter and improve welding quality, and it's been very successful for us in meeting requirements of our customers. Panasonic have enabled us to be successful as we have grown our business over the last few years. In today's world of automotive especially, you cannot afford to have a lot of excessive downtime, especially that might impact customers. We look for those type of partnerships in our business, and those are the people that we can count on. And Panasonic has been there for us. (Michelle Hamm, General Manager)

Easy to use in 3 days

We have to spend a whole lot of time and money in training basically. But because of the ease of use in training, we can bring a guy in off the street and have them programming within three days, for example. There’s not another robot on the market that can give you that ease of use and ease of training. Operating with Windows system, that is absolutely impressive and overwhelming to me. That is so helpful to the retention of human resources. (Mr. Jason Carl, Welding Engineer)

Less downtime, secure support system

In automotive manufacturing, it's all about time. So we've got to be quick. We don't have a lot of downtime with Panasonic robots, and we don't have to buy extra cells because Panasonic cells are always reliable for us. And Panasonic team is also very reliable because they always respond quickly if something has happened. (Mike Wilson, Engineering Manager)

Improve productivity and realize four-day workweek

Super Active TAWERS, we can weld much faster. We can come out with a clean, quality weld every time, and there's no compression. It's been very effective, and it's helped us grow, and our throughput has changed with major reduction in manpower and labor hours. We are now down to a four-day workweek, and Panasonic, the effectiveness, the speed, the quality of the weld has allowed us to maintain that with major reduction in manpower and labor hours. (Mr. Jason Carl, Welding Engineer)

Highlands introduces latest Super Active option.

Highlands introduces latest Super Active option. This Super Active technology realized extremely reducing spatter and high-speed welding.

Highlands introduced 17 cell type 1 package robot systems with positioner.

Highlands introduced 17 cell type 1 package robot systems with positioner.

In order to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

In order to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Highlands are also challenging to visualize the welding process by utilizing iWNB.

Welding technology satisfied by the automotive industry

Delivery equipment

Cell type welding robot system x 17 systems

Voice of customers

To the next step as a reliable partner

As the next step, we are working on visualizing downtime and facility OEE by utilizing iWNB (Integrated Welding Management System). We looked at downtime, error messages from the robots and were able to evaluate exactly what conditions our robots were. I would like to continue various challenges with Panasonic as a reliable and good partner.

Michelle Hamm, General Manager
Highlands Diversified Services, Inc. Michelle Hamm, General Manager
*The affiliation was at the time of the interview.

We completed our own facility management

In the 10 years I've been here, we have been able to maintain ourselves. We have got ourselves up and running without any outside service calls, and that's a testament to the Panasonic robot itself and the ease in maintaining that robot and resolving any issue that we may face. And the fourth generation (G4 controller) is coming out. I'm sure that's going to be amazing too.

Jason Carl, Welding Engineer
Highlands Diversified Services, Inc. Jason Carl, Welding Engineer
*The affiliation was at the time of the interview.

Reliable after service, problem solved with just a phone call

One of the greatest things I think with Panasonic is just the support that we get from them. Panasonic team visits us monthly, sometimes weekly, if needed. We have had to make a call, It's just always reliable for us. It is a great  partnership with us.

Mike Wilson, Engineering Manager
Highlands Diversified Services, Inc. Mike Wilson, Engineering Manager
*The affiliation was at the time of the interview.

Customer introduction

Highlands Diversified Services, Inc. offers innovative manufacturing solutions to a diverse customer base within the telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and industrial equipment market segments. They are specializing in metal stamping, welding, powder coat painting, assembly, warehousing, and distribution.

Highlands Diversified ServicesLexington, Kentucky, USA
Highlands Diversified Services Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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