Power Source Control Method for Arc Welding Machines

Over the years, Panasonic has evolved the power source control method that is the core of arc welding machines. Here is how we have evolved for better welding.


Continuing evolution of low spatter control

Panasonic is developing technology to reduce spatter, the most challenging issue in welding. Here is a brief introduction to our low spatter control.


Features and effects of various pulse controls

Pulse control, which realizes high-precision welding, is introduced separately through control and welding methods.


Useful function

Weld navigation image

Welding Navigation

We have simplified the work to adjust conditions for welding. The welding conditions can be set by answering only four questions using the buttons and jog dial.



Global Network

Panasonic has established a system to support customers all over the world. Customers expanding production from Japan to overseas factories can also use our equipment with peace of mind.


Website for Panasonic Shoyokai

Website dedicated page for members of Panasonic Shoyokai. You can download the application form to join the membership website P-Web.