Maximization of OEE through Life Cycle Support

Proposals by Problems and Solutions

Do you face any of these problems?

  • Newly purchased mounting lines offer good productivity and quality, but if equipment operating time is long, productivity and quality deteriorate over usage time
  • Without proper maintenance, equipment performance and quality deteriorate over usage time

Support for maintaining and enhancing mounting line performance

Support from an O&M perspective for maximizing O.E.E.

Support from an O&M perspective for maximizing O.E.E.

▲Support from an O&M Perspective for Maximizing OEE

Maximization of OEE of existing equipment

Three solutions, “Improvement of machine performance,” “Proposal for predictive and preventive maintenance,” and “Diagnostics of issues at the customer’s worksite” comprehensively contribute to maximizing the OEE of the existing equipment.
In particular, we propose upgrades and support items to reduce equipment performance loss, which is a life-cycle-related issue for the customer-owned equipment.
We also perform remote diagnostics and simple worksite diagnostics to solve the customer’s worksite issues through diagnostics.

OEE improvement functions for mounting machines

  • Operation loss reduction function “NPI mode”
  • Stoppage loss reduction function “Reel type automatic changeover”
  • Quality loss reduction functions “Shield frame placement inspection” and “Head diagnostics”

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