Here are some examples of our customer's case study who are introducing Panasonic SMT products and solutions.
Please take a look the videos from field perspective and management perspective.

Case Studies

Ionics導入事例動画 (英)

Realizing the Vision of Smart Factory (Ionics)

Ionics, a leading Philippine's EMS company, has drastically improved production efficiency by switching to Panasonic's latest machines and software. We also introduce our efforts to realize smart factories.

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島根富士通導入事例動画 (英)

Smart Manufacturing to follow various changes (Shimane Fujitsu)

High-mix low-volume production to meet the diverse needs of customers. Here are examples of improvements over 30 years that have greatly improved quality, cost, and production efficiency, with automation as the main focus.

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アルプスアルパイン導入事例動画 (英)

Manpower Saving SMT line (Alps Alpine)

Here are examples of high-quality software implementation and labor saving. They successfully reduced production planning time in complicated high-mix low-volume production.

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MSBD神戸導入事例動画 (英)

Production line Visualization (Panasonic Connect Kobe Factory)

Here are examples of solutions that contribute to make production plan and maintenance forecast by visualizing machines status.

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