Initiatives to Reduce Losses in Automotive PCB Mounting

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Do you face any of these problems?

  • Stoppage time between error occurrence and realization of error is long
  • Production loss due to model changeover time is significant
  • Time-consuming programming work for a common arrangement of components if there are many types of PCBs in production

Initiatives to reduce losses in automotive PCB mounting

Initiatives to reduce losses in automotive PCB mounting

▲Initiatives to reduce loss

Reduction in operating loss

By developing automation functions for printers, we are working to reduce the changeover time.
This will greatly automate the manual work involved in model changeover and improve the operating ratio, which was previously a bottleneck for printers.

Reduction in stoppage loss

The NPM X series is equipped with enhanced options for automatic recovery of errors in the equipment, monitoring from remote locations, and operator navigation system.
Also, the addition of inspection equipment from other manufacturers to the remote monitoring equipment has made it possible to have fewer worksite operators, who can focus on material supply, and has enabled reduction of equipment downtime losses more than ever before.

Reduction in quality loss

In addition to the recognition technology for pin-through-hole components unique to PCBs of in-vehicle equipment, we are working on solutions for additional soldering after reflow soldering and a void reduction system that automatically controls line stoppage when void defects occur, in conjunction with an X-ray inspection system.
We have also worked with our customers to develop functions such as a component character recognition function that makes use of a head camera.

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