Infrastructure Field - Automation

This is a collection of case studies in the infrastructure field. System case studies for each part are available.

*The videos are created using DTPS III offline teaching and editing software

溶接 自動化事例(インフラ分野)

Steel pipe pile

A rotating jig to handle long workpieces.

溶接 自動化事例(インフラ分野)

Large flange

The outside and inside of the flange can be welded with a highly general-purpose, double-sided, 2-axis welding positioner.

溶接 自動化事例(インフラ分野)


Takt time can be reduced for large workpieces by using three robots and a slide mechanism

溶接 自動化事例(インフラ分野)


Various workpiece shapes and sizes are accommodated by using an elevation-type welding positioner.

溶接 自動化事例(インフラ分野)

Small to medium components

A handling robot is used to hold the workpiece to achieve welding with a high degree of freedom through the coordinated operation of 3 units.

溶接 自動化事例(インフラ分野)モデル06

Long components

Front and back sides are welded in one program using a rotation-type welding positioner. Reduction of man-hours required for changeover can be realized.

Offline teaching and editing software DTPS III

This verification software can be used for various applications such as robot movement range, interference checks, optimal equipment layouts, and approximate takt trial calculations, etc., in virtual space on a PC. The software can also be used as a support tool during start-up of production sites.

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Offline teaching software DTPS III



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