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200BL3 Catalog
* This product is sold as a set. A welding power source, torch, and gas regulator are included.

Key functions

  • Lightweight and compact body that is easy to use on site

  • Stable welding quality

  • Simple and easy-to-use operation


Achieving higher quality welding

Full digital control enables a good arc start and precise welding current setting. This series prevents variations in welding conditions and enables high-quality welding.

Portability for on-site welding

Despite its all-sheet-metal structure and robust body, it weighs only 9 kg. Comes with a metal fitting to prevent it from overturning, making users feel free to bring it to locations for on-site welding.

Usability during on-site welding

Equipped with welding condition storage and reproduction functions (9 channels) as standard. The functions are convenient for frequent on-site welding, enabling users to manage welding conditions for each joint shape or plate thickness, or standardize the setting conditions to ensure stable quality.

Strengths and Features

200BL3 compact body

Compact body designed for on-site welding

The main unit width is kept to 95 mm, making it easy to carry around with one hand. Although this product possesses a robust body with an entirely sheet metal structure, it has achieved a compact and lightweight body weighing only 9 kg. The input voltage range of 170 to 253 V allows a stable operation regardless of the on-site power supply conditions.

Equipped with DC pulse functions as standard

Equipped with DC pulse functions as standard

Enables the setting of 0.5 to 500 Hz. Achieves high-quality welding tailored to the workpieces.

BL3 series equipped with arc spot functions

Equipped with arc spot functions

Enables the digital setting of 0.1 to 5.0 seconds (in 0.1-second increments). Stabilizes the welding quality with a uniform bead appearance and good penetration.

200BL3 operation panel

Easy to operate with an LCD and simple button layout

This product can be operated with a large jog dial and three buttons. The welding condition memory (9 channels) enables storage and reproduction of welding conditions according to the workpiece.


  1. On-site welding: As a data bank to manage welding conditions for each joint shape and plate thickness
  2. Light work: As a notepad to keep track of welding conditions
  3. Production site: For standardizing welding conditions to ensure stable quality
  4. Skill training: As a tool for passing on skills for managing difficult settings for TIG welding


Model number YE-200BL3
Welding power source YC-200BL3
Rated input voltage

Single-phase, 200 V ± 15%, 50 / 60 Hz

Allowable fluctuation range V 170 to 253
Rated input 7.3 kVA, 4.8 kW
Maximum open circuit voltage V 65 DC
Rated output current DC TIG A 200 DC
DC manual welding 150 DC
Rated output voltage DC TIG V 18 DC
DC manual welding 26 DC
Rated duty cycle (10-minute cycle) % 20
Output current adjustment range DC TIG A 5 to 200
DC manual welding 5 to 150
Up-slope time S 0.0 to 10.0 (in 0.1 s increments)
Down-slope time S 0.0 to 10.0 (in 0.1 s increments)
Pre-flow time S 0.0 to 25.0 (in 0.1 s increments)
Post-flow time S 0.0 to 25.0 (in 0.1 s increments)
Arc spot time S 0.1 to 5.0 (in 0.1 s increments)
Pulse frequency Hz 0.5 to 500
Pulse width % 50 (fixed)
Applicable welding process DC TIG, DC manual welding
Control method IGBT inverter type
Sequence functions Crater control: On, Off
TIG welding starting method High-frequency start method
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Applicable shielding gas Ar: 100%*
Memory functions 9-channel storage and reproduction
External dimensions (width x depth x height) mm 95 x 420 x 295 (projections not included)
Main unit mass (power cord not included) kg 9
TIG torch YT-15TS2TAD
Output current / duty cycle 150 A / 35% (200 A / 20%)
Torch cable m 8
Argon gas regulator YX-16AG1

* Please use high purity argon gas for welding conforming to JIS-K1105 (purity 99.9% or higher).
● View the required power supply capacity and cable thickness data



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