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Mini (SL7) Series (YD-160SL7 / YD-160SL7G30 / YD-190SL7)

SL7 Catalog
* In addition to this product (welding power source), a wire feeder, remote control unit, torch, and gas regulator are required for welding.

Key functions

  • Easy-to-use machine specialized for welding thin plates

  • Easy operation simply by rotating one handle

  • Suitable models can be selected according to the plate thickness and type of workpieces

  • Safe and secure structure



All users can easily operate this series simply by operating the handle to set the output. The bead shape can also be adjusted using the fine adjustment knob on the front panel.

Ease of handling

A 6 m long cabtyre cable is included as standard to improve the handling of the wire feeder and eliminate disruption to welding work.

Welding of materials other than iron

YD-160SL7G30 also supports stainless steel and aluminum welding. By changing the feed system, this series can be applied to a wide range of welding work.

Strengths and Features

max 190A improves efficiency and workability!

Easy-to-use machine specialized for welding thin plates

The Mini (SL7) series is a specialized machine for welding thin plates. Users can choose from three models depending on the plate thickness and material. The bead shape can be adjusted using the fine adjustment knob on the front panel. The maximum output is high enough, reaching 190 amperes, while the continuous use currents are 120 amperes for CO2 welding and 100 amperes for MAG welding.

* Please use argon gas containing 5 % to 20 % carbon dioxide gas for MAG welding.

low spatter

Smooth arc start

The slow-down start method enables continuous welding as well as tack welding and intermittent welding with a smooth arc start. Furthermore, low spatter welding has been achieved.

Rotating the handle to set welding conditions

Simple operation with a single handle

The optimal welding conditions can be set by simply rotating the output setting handle to obtain a stable arc.

Wire feeder designed for ease of handling

Wire feeder designed for ease of handling (Mini 160)

The Mini 160 comes with a 6 m long cabtyre cable for ease of handling. The wire feeder with casters can be moved to any location. A window installed on the wire feeder allows users to easily check the remaining wire amount, facilitating timely replacement.

Environmentally friendly feature in addition to the safe and secure structure

This series has adopted a safety structure design that is rated IP21 under the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards by improving the robustness and dustproof property of power sources. The structure prevents small animals from entering during storage. Furthermore, this series has been developed with energy saving taken into consideration. Its energy saving circuit is activated when the torch is switched off after welding is finished.

Option List


Wire feeder

オプション トーチ

Welding torch

オプション ガス調整器

Gas regulator

For CO2 / MAG

For argon gas welding

For CO2 / MAG


Welding power source YD-160SL7 YD-160SL7 (for G30)) YD-190SL7
Rated input voltage V 200 AC (allowable fluctuation range: 180 to 220)
Number of phases, rated frequency 3-phase, 50 / 60 Hz
Rated input kVA 6.0 6.4
kW 5.7 6.2
Maximum open circuit voltage V 36 DC 32 DC
Rated duty cycle (10-minute cycle) % 30 40
Output current adjustment range A 20 to 160 DC 60 to 190 DC
Output voltage adjustment range V 14 to 26 DC 16 to 24 DC
Applicable welding process CO₂ / MAG MIG CO₂ / MAG
Applicable shielding gas CO₂: 100 % CO₂,
MAG: 80 % Ar and 20 % CO₂
Aluminum MIG: 100% Ar,
Stainless steel MIG: 98 % Ar and 2% O₂
CO₂: 100 % CO₂,
MAG: 80 % Ar and 20 % CO₂
Applicable wire diameter mm 0.6 / 0.8 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.2
Applicable wire materials Mild steel Aluminum / (Stainless steel) Mild steel
Input power supply terminal Terminal block (M5 bolt fixing)
Output terminal Copper plate terminal (with M8 bolt)
External dimensions
(width x depth x height)
mm 310 × 436 × 510
Mass kg 50 47

● View the required power supply capacity and cable thickness data



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