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600RF2 Catalog
* In addition to this product (welding power source), a wire feeder, remote control unit, torch, and gas regulator are required for welding.

Key functions

  • High power welding with a rated output of 600 A and a duty cycle of 100 %

  • Inverter-based meticulous control of welding waveforms

  • Easy-to-set operation panel

  • Robust structure


Welding of thick plates

A variety of arc characteristics are available as standard. The optimal mode can be selected according to various welding situations. Wires with a diameter of 1.4 mm can also be used, thereby enabling users to increase the welding current and the amount of wire deposition.

Maintaining high weldability

The combined use of the inverter and waveform control achieves stable arcs and high-quality welding even at a high output current range.

Strengths and Features

600RF2  high power

High power welding with a rated output of 600 A and a duty cycle of 100 %

High power output, ideal for welding medium to thick plates. The fast welding speed achieves a large amount of deposition. Since there is a margin in the output voltage, the arc is stable even when using an extension cable.

* In the case of 55 V output, the duty cycle is 80 %.

Fine control based on the high-speed IGBT inverter

Stable arcs can be obtained over a wide range from low to high currents. In particular, stable welding is possible from an output of 120 A with a 1.4 mm diameter wire. (When welding mild steel using CO2 gas)


Switches for frequently used functions are located on the front panel

The initial current dial, initial voltage fine adjustment dial, and crater repeat function switch, which are frequently used when welding medium and thick plates, are located on the front panel.


Robust structure applicable to a wide range of site environments

By adopting a full sheet metal construction, this product has a robust structure that can be used in any welding site environments. The casters offer enhanced mobility.

Option List


Wire feeder

オプション トーチ

Welding torch

オプション ガス調整器

Gas regulator

For CO2 / MAG


Remote control unit

* Cable length: 2 m


Water-cooling option


Rated input voltage V 200 to 440 AC (200, 220, 380, 400, 415, 440)
Selectable using the switch on the rear of the unit
Number of phases - 3-phase
Rated frequency Hz 50 / 60
Rated input kVa 37
kW 35
Maximum open circuit voltage V 73 DC
Rated duty cycle (10-minute cycle) % 100*1
Output current adjustment range A 60 to 600 DC
Output voltage adjustment range V 14 to 55 DC
Control method - IGBT inverter type
Waveform control function - Dial setting
Applicable welding process - CO₂ / MAG
Applicable shielding gas - CO₂:100 % CO₂
MAG:80 % Ar and 20 % CO₂
Applicable wire diameter mm 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6
Applicable wire materials - Mild steel / Mild steel FCW
Input power supply terminal - Outbound cable with crimp-on terminals (with M6 bolt)
Output terminal - Copper plate terminal (with M8 bolt)
External dimensions
(width x depth x height)
mm 440 x 585 x 1005
Mass kg 119

*1: In the case of an output voltage of 55 V, the duty cycle is 80%.

● View the required power supply capacity and cable thickness data



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