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CL4 Series (YD-500CL4/YD-600CL4)

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* In addition to this product (welding power source), a wire feeder, remote control unit, torch, and gas regulator are required for welding.

Key functions

  • Improved mobility with fewer cables

  • Improved ease of maintenance

  • A model capable of both gouging and manual welding is also available



A robust sheet metal structure has been adopted. These models possess superior durability and can be used for a long time.

Ease of handling

Our proprietary control technology eliminates both the control cable and remote control cable. Grounding can be simplified and the wire feeder can be easily handled.

Strengths and Features

reduced cables

Panasonic's proprietary control method has reduced the number of cables.

In order to improve mobility, the control cable and remote control cable have been eliminated with its proprietary control method. Operation can be performed at a distance up to 50 m from the power source by extending only the power and gas cables, thereby reducing the total weight of the cables by approximately 25 kg for an operation at such a distance.


The remote control unit was integrated into the wire feeder

The remote control unit without a cable is integrated into the wire feeder. Condition settings can be performed at users' fingertips, thereby improving work efficiency. An optional 5 m extension cable can be connected to the remote control unit, allowing for operation closer to the user's fingertips.

Significantly improved ease of maintenance

The extension cables are a gas hose with a signal line inside and a cabtyre cable, making maintenance easy. Even if the gas hose with the signal line inside breaks, it can be repaired using the connection fitting (MJN0004). The cables have quick connection joints for easy installation.

CL4 power supply

Models capable of both gouging and manual welding, and semi-wind resistant devices are also available

Models capable of both gouging and manual welding, and semi-wind resistant devices are also available.

* Please use semi-wind resistant devices at a wind speed of 5 m or lower.

Option List


Wire feeder

オプション トーチ

Welding torch

オプション ガス調整器

Gas regulator

For CO2 / MAG

* Semi-wind resistant type


Remote control unit


Connection cable

Please purchase separately as necessary.

Special gas hose


Model number YD-500CL4 YD-600CL4
Rated input voltage V 200 to 440 AC (200, 220, 380, 400, 440)
Number of phases, rated frequency 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Rated input kVA 31.9 45
kW 28.1 40
Maximum open circuit voltage V 66 DC 77 DC
Rated duty cycle (10-minute cycle) % 60 100
Output current adjustment range A 60 to 500 DC 60 to 600 DC
Output voltage adjustment range V 16 to 45 DC 16 to 55 DC
Applicable welding process CO₂ / MAG
Applicable shielding gas CO₂ : CO₂ 100 %
MAG : 80 % Ar and 20 % CO₂
Applicable wire diameter mm 1.2 / 1.4
Applicable wire materials Mild steel/Mild steel FCW
Input power supply terminal Terminal block (M5 bolt fixing) Terminal block (M6 bolt fixing)
Output terminal Copper plate terminal (with M8 bolt)
External dimensions
(width x depth x height)
mm 436 x 675 x 762 496 x 690 x 920
Mass kg 148 220

● View the required power supply capacity and cable thickness data



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