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PA2 Series(YP-030PA2 / YP-060PA2)

Key functions

  • Robust structure easy to use on site

  • Reliable cutting quality

  • Also compatible with the type 3 cutting torch


Portability for on-site operations

This series has a built-in compressor as standard, and the torch and power source can be connected without tools. Also convenient for on-site work.

Higher cutting performance

The improved cutting performance achieves sharp cutting with less dross. By connecting an external compressor, it is also possible to cut even thicker plates.

Strengths and Features

Robust design easy to use on-site

Robust design easy to use on-site

The PA2 series offers machines with a built-in compressor specifically designed for cutting. Although it uses a robust sheet metal case, the torch and power source can be easily connected by hand without using any tools. When connecting an external compressor, a torch with a 20 m or 30 m long cable (made to order) can also be used.

Achieves reliable cutting quality

Achieves reliable cutting quality

The opening after cutting is narrow, achieving sharp cutting with little heat distortion and dross. Use efficiency is improved by connecting an external compressor. This will make it possible to cut plates with a thickness ranging from 25 mm to 35 mm at a maximum.

Also compatible with the type 3 cutting torch

Also compatible with the type 3 cutting torch

Compatible also with the cutting torch type 3, which conforms to the JIS standards. This improves the safety of cutting work and further enhances the quality of cutting.

* When using a type 3 torch with YP-030PA2, users are required to process the torch pilot wire. * Please refer to the Instruction manual for details.

Option List


Cutting torches


Model number YP-030PA2 YP-060PA2
Rated input voltage
(allowable fluctuation range)
V 200 (180 to 220)
Number of phases, rated frequency Single-phase/3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Rated input Single-phase 3-phase Single-phase 3-phase
kVA 6.3 7.0 10 14
kW 3.8 5.3 6.0 10.5
Rated output A 25 35 40 60
Rated duty cycle % 40
Control method Inverter control
Air for cutting Built-in compressor*1
External dimensions (width x depth x height) mm 210 x 515 x 460
Mass kg 29*2 32*2

*1: When using an external compressor, please purchase the optional air unit (PWW03101) separately.
*2: Input cable not included
● View the required power supply capacity and cable thickness data



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