COG/FOP Dual-purpose Bonder FPX007CG/FP2

COG/FOP Dual-purpose Bonder FPX007CG/FP2

The FPX007CG/FP2 lies at the core of the line for flexible AMOLEDs. It is a bonder with various advanced functions, including an equipment mechanism that minimizes sources of foreign matter.

  • COP/FOP bonder dedicated for AMOLED supporting panel size of 1-inch to 8-inch
  • Supports four bonding methods (COG/FOG/COP/FOP) with IC/TCP supply units installed together
  • The bonding quality and productivity cultivated through COG bonding for LCDs are also realized in COP/FOP bonding for OLEDs

Features and Benefits of “COG/FOP Dual-purpose Bonder FPX007CG/FP2”

Equipped with advanced functions essential for flexible AMOLED production

Improved key functions:

  1. Supports Class 100 cleanliness (foreign matter measure)
    • Equipment mechanism that minimizes sources of foreign matter, one of the major causes of defects in flexible AMOLED
  2. Supports both COP bonding and FOP bonding
    • Two component supply units, IC tray and TCP reel, can be installed together (*)
      Reduced method switching time
  3. Stable mounting quality
    • Equipped with dedicated final bonding head for each of IC/TCP (*total 4 heads)

<*Optional functions>

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