Plasma Cleaner PSX307A

Plasma Cleaner PSX307A

PSX307 is a parallel plate plasma cleaner for PCBs with automatic transfer. Loader/unloader and in-line specifications can be selected. It can handle wafers up to ⌀300 mm (with or without dicing ring), and process four 77.5 mm wide PCBs simultaneously.

Features (PSX307 series)

  • Chamber configuration that achieves both in-plane uniformity and etching rate
  • Our original lifting unit can handle PCBs that are thin and warped and PCBs with components on the backside
  • PFSC original plasma monitor function avoids abnormal discharge and enables damage-free processing
  • Traceability is ensured due to online operation

Application examples

  • Improved bondability for wire bonding and flip-chip bonding
  • Improved mold adhesiveness and under-fill wettability
  • Removal of resin residue on bumps after wafer molding (wafer specification)
  • Desmear/descum treatment (wafer specification)

Features and Benefits of “Plasma Cleaner PSX307A”

Application example (Wafer level packaging)

Example of application in wafer level packaging

Application example (Base level)

Example of application to PCB level

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