Flip Chip Bonder MD-P300

Flip Chip Bonder MD-P300

MD-P300 is a flip-chip bonder for high-speed, high-quality placement of bare ICs for cutting-edge devices.


  • The basic structure comprises fixed-point pickup and placement that supports supply of wafers up to ⌀300 mm.
  • Process change is possible by switching the bonding tool. (Compatible with GGI/C4/TCB)
  • High-precision placement of ± 5 um is achieved using the placement nozzle where the chip backside recognition result obtained by a flip camera is feed-forwarded to handling.
  • For productivity, high-speed placement of 5,500 CPH (production output per hour) is achieved.


  • Assembly of CMOS image sensors, various processors, MEMS, power devices, etc.

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