Dedicated gouging and blasting machine

GA1 Series


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GA1 Series (YD-600GA1 / YD-800GA1)

* In addition to this product (welding power source), a wire feeder, remote control unit, torch, and gas regulator are required for welding.

Key functions

  • Its energy saving mode saves approximately 18,000 yen per year

  • Smooth bead chipping work with a good arc start

  • Suitable for work even in harsh environments

  • Space-saving compact and lightweight body


Achieving both safety and energy saving

The energy saving mode ensures excellent safety by automatically stopping the power output when the air flow stops during operation. The output also stops seven minutes after the air flow is stopped after operation, achieving both safety and energy saving.

Ensuring robustness

The dustproof property of the main unit has been improved to protect it from dust and sparks during gouging.

Strengths and Features

Energy saving mode

Equipped with energy-saving mode

The GA1 series is equipped with an energy saving mode, which can be set with a single switch on the main unit. If air supply is connected through the power source, then the air flow control switch will automatically turn the power output on or off. If the air supply is turned off during operation, then the power output will automatically stop. In addition, when the air supply is stopped (the air flow control switch is turned off) after gouging is completed, then the energy saving mode is activated after approximately seven minutes to save power.

Smooth bead chipping work with a good arc start

There is a margin in the output, enabling a good arc start. Drilling, bead chipping, etc. can be performed smoothly.

Dustproof property enabling work even in harsh site environments

The dustproof property of the main unit has been improved to protect it from sparks and dust, which are inevitably generated during gouging work. Work can be done smoothly even in harsh site environments.

Space-saving compact and lightweight body

Space-saving compact and lightweight body

The GA1 series is movable with casters, and compact enough to fit into a 70 cm square space. The footprint of the YD-800GA1 is 70% smaller than that of conventional models. This series features a function that protects the user from electric shocks, and can be used in a wide range of site environments.

Option List


Model number YD-600GA1 YD-800GA1
Input voltage
(allowable fluctuation range)
3-phase 200 V (180 V to 220 V)
Frequency Hz 50 / 60 (common)
Rated input kVA  44.7 61
kW 33.7 44.6
Duty cycle % 60
Output current A 100 to 600 100 to 800
Output voltage V 20 to 46
Output voltage V 80 81
Electric shock prevention function Voltage V 20
Sensitivity 50
Starting time s (seconds) 0.005
Delayed time s (seconds) 1.5
External dimensions
(width x depth x height)
mm 500 x 690 x 920
Mass kg 205 250

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