Realises high brightness from the WBC technology developed by Terra Diode. All three items that determine welding quality - wavelength selection, high power and high beam quality - have been achieved at a high level. In addition to the existing areas of cutting and welding of metal materials, it can be applied to next-generation thermal processing processes such as stacked moulding, surface processing and multi-material processing.

What makes  Panasonic Direct Diode Laser (DDL) Special?

DDL overview video (1:53 mins)

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  • Remote laser welding and laser cutting robot system LAPRISS series

  • High-speed laser welding from a distance

  • Five elements required for laser welding/cutting as standard
    Laser oscillator, welding / cutting installation technology, software, trepanning head / cutting head and laser robot

Remote laser welding / laser cutting robot systems LAPRISS series

Video: high-speed, high-quality laser welding robot

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  1. Direct diode laser oscillator with both high beam quality and high output (4 kW)
    • Low distortion & high speed welding. High energy density and low heat input welding.
    • Reduced running costs. High energy conversion efficiency (more than three times more efficient than LD-pumped YAG lasers) reduces electricity costs.
  2. Laser welding technology with wide condition margins.
    • Wider gap and misalignment margins (unique spiral and spin methods).
  3. Easy operation with dedicated laser welding software
    • Easy checking and setting of welding conditions using a teach pendant.
  4. Compact, lightweight and easy-to-maintain high-performance trepanning head
  5. Compact robot specialising in laser welding
    • Necessary wiring and piping built into the robot body.
    • All operations can be performed using a teach pendant.

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