Do you face any of these problems?

  • Need to get visibility into what is happening at present, such as operation information of individual equipment and lines, and management of plans and actual results for each process
  • Need to carry out preventive management from a future perspective
  • Need to get visibility into overall cost management

Real time visualization of information, routine checks, immediate response in the event of an abnormality, analysis after data accumulation, detection of predictive signs

image: Visualization Tool MotionBoard

Improves the speed of PDCA cycle by real time visualization of production-related data

Timely measures are implemented leading to a reduction in defects
Data-based understanding of the current state facilitates decisions on whether or not the measures are appropriate, speeding up operations

Realizes a visualization dashboard that best suits the needs of the site

Realizes a visualization dashboard that best suits the needs of the site

Streamlines and standardizes data aggregation, analysis and reporting work

Reduces time spent on low-value-added task of reporting. Shares the know-how on analysis

Promotes “awareness” by presenting information in graphs tailored for each application

Visualization of various events taking place in the production line
Discovers problems that have gone unnoticed by individuals and implements new improvement activities
Achieves total optimization by visualizing the entire factory


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