Do you face any of these problems?

  • Overflow of reports as forms are printed out and filled by hand
  • Need to change over to a paperless system
  • Need to increase efficiency and speed of operations
  • Need to improve operational quality, information accuracy and freshness

Converts reports prepared by people into data instantly and increases the accuracy of data and streamlines the operations

Electronic Reporting Tool i-Reporter

Cost reduction due to reduction in man-hours required for entry and shifting to paperless

Reduces printing and paper costs
Reduces warehouse and space costs for storing paper documents
Significantly reduces the number of man-hours required for later checks, conversion to images and entry to system

Increased efficiency and speed of operations

Completes worksite recording and reporting work
Reduces lead time for post-processing to improve operational efficiency and speed
Shares information quickly from outside the office and remote locations. Transmits documents quickly
Ensures quick editing by multiple people and significant reduction of time required for document approval

Improvement of operational quality, information accuracy and freshness

Improves information accuracy as there will be no mistakes in entering information or typing errors
Enables grasping the latest real-time information
Reduces the risk of losing paper and information leakage


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